i have a 1993 gmc safari and am moving back to new york state i am wanting to buy a code system of a visor code bar grille lights wig wags and a amber bar for back a siren and radio system what r some choice for cheap but effective ones

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But then, you're not in here asking people what their suggestions are either. If you were, people would naturally assume you were in the market. As have people here who have responded to this post.
The bottom line here is, in New York, where he says he is moving to, what he is asking about and insinuates he would like to do is illegal. Period. I pointed that out to him as a professional and fiendly courtesy. The fact he is a junior makes that even more important as someone his age should not be testing leagl lmits even if they think they are ready to shoulder the responsibilities that come along with taking illegal risks. In my opinion, the conversation of this post should be over at this point. There really is nothing more to say. Illegal is illegal. The End.
my only question is why would you move back to New York?
holy s--t, man.
The damn fire would be out by the time you turned all that crap on.......just sayin'.
Likely have to cut a hole in your hood to make room for the huge alternator it would take to keep up with the power draw.

Seems with the question you posed, that you may want to re-think the reason for wanting to get into the fire service.

Oh,..and "bang head here" was hilarious.

good luck
Man you seriously need to reconsider why you joined the FD in the first place, if it's to "look cool" to all your buddies, and how many lights you can cram inside and outside of your vehicle, then like i said, take a step back and try again. It's irresponsible kids like you who get people killed on the way to calls cause they "assume" that the lights and siren gives them the right of way......sorry....it ASKS for the right of way.....we got our light privileges taken away cause the "other" dept. in our response area had idiots like you driving like morons and got "us" in trouble all the time. Look at the bigger picture kid and you'll realize there's more to firefighting then having your 1993 gmc safari lit up like a christmas tree.
I see there is nothing left to say about this. Everyone has covered it well. As far as the Reply by Chief Mike France, I agree. Stay downstate or out west. If your around here and you venture across the state line into Ma. you will absolutely have bigger problems. They don't play around over there.
Has anyone else noticed this kid hasn't chimed on anything anyone's said? Almost like he started this topic to stir up the s@!t and took off......


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