Will you be watching the premier of NBC's Chicago Fire?

Let us know what you thought of it.

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Sorry I do not tune in each week. I watched the first episode and decided to watch Nashville instead....  I like the drama, and the hot country girls aren't so bad either.

Haven't seen it, I much prefer Family Guy, American Dad, South Park and Shark Week when it's on.  There's enough drama in life, why would i want to watch pretend drama?

In all honesty, if you watch the show as if its any other drama on TV, instead of a show about Fire and EMS, its not all that bad. Its 100% entertainment, it's not ment to be realistic, and its not ment to be a documentary. I enjoy it...

LOOK, let me spell this out for you, they are saying on this show that paramedics can STEAL drugs and hand them out to other firefighters who then ILLEGALLY inject themselves with the stolen drugs.  I don't know what fantasy land you are from but first of all those drugs are so tightly regulated that it would be almost impossible to do, and secondly, if your idea of not bad is painting firefighters and meds in that light I am glad I don't work with you. 

Watch it if you like, but your argument for liking this show is frankly idiotic and indefensible. 

Actually I read the other day it's a well liked show that's getting decent ratings.  I'd rather watch something exciting than realistic.  If you want to see something real then go watch a documentary.

I would rather watch a documentary than this turd of a show.  BUT, and this is a clear distinction, I am NOT telling anyone they shouldn't watch this steaming pile of crap if they wish.  Just that I won't be ine of the ones watching it.


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