Will you be watching the premier of NBC's Chicago Fire?

Let us know what you thought of it.

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Can't wait for the pilot. Have it set to record in the dvr

Agreed! I also have the DVR set to record it.

i just hope is not going to be like third watch. considering the trailer i guess there is a lot of "chicago" firehouse drama with some comedy i hope

To be honest I WILL watch it, and I do hope it goes well........just don't have the confidence yet. This, as any other FF series, is the aspect of fiction and realit and to really keep close to real. Considering the Hollywood aspect and the realities of fire....it really is difficult to get a true sense of the job FFs do, yet still look real on camera.


Let's just say I don't bring a lot of confidence with this series taking off. I truly hope it does, just don't have the confidence factor that we see witrh FF series.


Rescue ME was OK, but there was a lot of "off duty" aspects that we more of a soap opera than FF impact. I give credit because they made it work and went out on their own terms after several seasons, but still had several questionable situations, etc.


Third Watch was OK at the onset, but the series survived the rest of the time off the police and medic aspect. Quite frankly those are easier to pursue because of the ease in story creation. In reality for a REAL firefighting scene, entails lots of smoke, lots of dark, lots of not seeing main characters....something that doesn't bode well for a series.



Yeah I'll watch this, and hope it goes good. My gut doesn't agree right now and I hope my gut is wrong.


Emergency, is a series touted for the length, but lets also look that in the 70's paramedic was new....the FF was quite questionable, but they didn't have actual FFs commenting etc. Today, the challenge is much more widespread.

We look forward to watching Chicago Fire. I know it will be difficult for us to watch with a critical eye as actors attempt to portray real firefighters in critical situations. In other words, we'll give them a lot of leeway on technical accuracy. We hope the consultants who are advising the production team are able to keep it "real." Other than that I also hope it doesn't become just another soap opera. Maybe it will help with recruiting!

Watched it about a week ago on HULU I know it's for entertainment purposes but several technical aspects were off mark.

As long as it is entertaining and has good plot lines I don't care if it is highly fictionalized.  It is a TV show and as such needs to be made to garner the interested of the mass population. 


Does it matter if it doesn't portray FF's the way they are in the real world?  I don't think so . . . pretty much every other TV show about every other profession probably has the same gripes.  Even the so called reality shows aren't real.


Just an opinion. We were not depicted in a good light. Let's see sitting around playing cards in recliners out in the bay during a fire prevention tour, stealing or "acquiring" drugs from the medic and then shooting them while on duty, a B/C who is fighting in a boxing match while on duty and then arrives late for the big one, did anyone catch "ok the rescues are done... now open the hoses"? Heck maybe they should have added a few beers on the card table or have the guys stealing money during overhaul....  Many of the scenes were right from "Backdraft"  Everyone complained that Rescue Me was bad for our reputation. Probably won't tune in next week.

Did you catch the mistake in the opening sequence?  Guy vents the upstairs window and enters off the ladder, no SCBA, and just a few seconds later when the room flashes, he's decked out in full interior PPE?

I watched it. I thought it was ok. It does show the family aspect of the firefighters. But we will see how the rest of the season goes.

I'm honestly not sure what some of you are looking for.  This is entertainment, not a documentary.  Who cares if it's not realistic?  I would rather watch something exciting than watch them run 15 homeless people for medicals throughout the episode.

Do portray us in bad light at times?  Sure.  Who cares?  How many cop movies show corrupt cops?  Does that mean all cops are corrupt?  Of course not.  It's not a big deal.  Also I don't know how unrealistic it is that guys were sitting around playing cards while a tour was going on.  It happens at my fire house all of the time.  You don't need ten guys to give a tour or lecture.  Not to mention, most of you work for small volunteer departments.  Can you honestly say that you are always up doing something?  I work at a fire house in my city that runs 15-25 calls every day on the engine company alone.  If I have some down time, I'm taking it.

With all that said, I didn't enjoy the show at all.  I thought it was a bit cheesy and the acting was pretty bad.  Comparing it to Rescue Me makes it worse because I loved that show.

Missed it. I was washing my hair that night.

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