Has anyone heard of these chemical suicides in cars where they are mixing chemicles to make hydrogen sulfide or hydrogen cyanide? here is a link to one situation http://www.kctv5.com/news/22033404/detail.html   


Should we change out SOG's for people found unconcious in cars? and what would you do if this happened near you and you had a similar call later that week?

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Check it out. There is a link in there with much information.

As for your question: I think you should take this information to your department and discuss it. This, is why you always do a 360; to find things like this. Always make sure of scene safety.
Thanks for the news article.
Thank you very much for the link
We had a couple of these here in Georgia. Luckily, both the ?victims? had the good sense to buy the kit off of the internet and had placed the signs in the windows of the vehicle so the responders were warned before they opened the doors.
had the good sense

Obviously not enough sense.

Detergent Suicide
In Japan, the use of a lethal gas, created by mixing a certain brand of detergent with bath salts, is an increasingly popular method of suicide.

Japanese police say they have dealt with several other similar suicides in 2008. A 31-year-old man outside Tokyo reportedly committed suicide in a car by mixing detergent with bath salts. On the same day, a 42-year-old woman reportedly killed herself in a bathtub in Nagoya, Japan, by mixing toilet cleaner and bath powder. This method of suicide has killed around 50 Japanese people in 2008.

Police in Japan are urging internet service providers to block websites which publish instructions on how to produce the hydrogen sulfide gas.

Recent History

June 4, 2008, detergent suicide forced residents of an apartment building to evacuate . 34 residents were evacuated and one woman was taken to the hospital. The suicide victim was in his late 20s.

May 21, 2008, 54 hospital workers became sick after a man threw up in the hospital. It turns out he had ingested a pesticide used as tear gas during World War I.2

May 1, 2008, 350 people had to be evacuated from their homes in Otaru, northern Japan a man used this technique to killed himself.2

April 23, 2008, in Konan, Japan, a 14-year-old girl killed herself by mixing laundry detergent with a liquid cleanser. The gas seeped out a window and into neighboring apartments, sickening 90 people and causing 10 to be admitted to the hospital.

If you have not had the chance to watch a basic H2S video, I suggest that you and other readers take the time to watch it, (5:00) minutes.


Just had one of these last Friday night. Turned into a 6 hour hazmat.
To follow in John Crabbes footsteps.

April is the leading month for suicides in my neck of the woods so I thought this could be a good reminder to be safe and to thing before rushing in to any situation. Plus it is more important than game topics.

We had one last fall only she mixed her chemicals in the bathroom and lock herself in. Thankfully she put a note on the front door.
We have had a few in our area, one sent a state trooper to the hospital. A few things to look for from the information we have been given is look to see if windows have been taped off or something that is causing a seal, also if it is in a car look to see if it looks a little cloudy and if it is back up. I will ask the guys when I go to work Sunday if there was any more info I left out. Be safe!

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