I've been doing this since 1968 and have seen so many changes in the technology and operations. Most of these changes have been for the good and some not so good. In your time in the fire service, what change in technology or operations has been good and which has had a negative impact on operations? There are many, so only give one of each.

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Everyone Goes Home - it highlights the importance of our own safety. If we can't get the job done the job can't get done. Be it SCBA, TIC, million dollar apparatus, continuing education, better PPE, it all hinges on using all of the tools and methods safely to do our job.

Making the Fire Service responsible for the failing of the Educational System(s). The fact that minorities are underrepresented in the fire service is much more the fault of local education that passes or boots out students rather than ensuring they have the education they need to be productive citizens. Lowering fire department standards so as to include minorities that didn't test well is counter productive to greater fire service goals of increasing leadership standards overall. If you take the less smart simply to be "fair" then ultimately you've dumbed down your department specifically and the fire service generally.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
Insufficient manpower is the nail in the coffin of so many of our fallen. The most unfortunate part is that the younger generations are being raised with a mentality that the current manpower is sufficient because they have nothing to compare it to. Realistically, 4 men is not ideal for a company, it is the NFPA recommended MINUMUM!

Everyone Goes Home initiatives that make every member responsible for safety on the fireground. This finally gave less senior members the voice to speak up when they notice something not safe instead of cowering in the corner because of seniority and "knowing your place."

Side bar: Done anything with Crew Resources Management? Great program courtesy of the airlines and speaks to exactly what you said in your last sentence of GOOD.

P.s. nice to see we share the same idea of GOOD.
mentality that the current manpower is sufficient because they have nothing to compare it to. Realistically, 4 men is not ideal for a company, it is the NFPA recommended MINUMUM!

I do agree with staffing and the reduction in staffing over the years as bad as well. NFPA may recommend 4 ad MINIMUM, but the reality is that many depts don't even meet that, even after the recent staffing study completed earlier this year. In contrast, I don't see the issue regarding staffing as a newer person mentality, because most FF's I talk to and in most publications I read, staffing is understood. The problem is the idiotic politicians and beancounters who know nothing about FF, deem to think what is "acceptable" and more "cost effective", than even following NFPA recommendations.

Just with NFPA alone, Good: Recommendations for safety initiatives
Bad: Lack of teeth to regulate such standards.

Fire service in general....Good: some things already mentioned
Bad: the politics involved.
IAFC endorsed I might add...
Moving from the tailboard to an inside seat. It was a thrill on the tailboard but looking back it was not the safest thing.
Lighter weight S.C.B.A.= Good thing
Good- technology that lets us share ideas, thoughts, etc, on an international scale

bad- the added scrutiny this has added to what we do
GOOD: The Thermal Camera is great. SCBA It speaks for itself. The Technology of the PPE. Make us safer in our jobs. All the new Technology in the design of Apparatus. I guess it is better just to say all the new Technology. Everone goes home.

BAD: Insufficient manpower. Most Cities look at the NFPA min of 4. But when you have a full crew it is alot better for all.
I've been waiting for this answer, How about the ICS.. I'm old school and most fires were put out by free lancing. Not very safe, the ICS to me has made us safer. The other things make it easier.
Good: Incident Command System
Bad: Digital (screech) communications (screech) systems
Good: Increased awareness about WHICH structures will kill you. Ie: Big box structures, large commercial at 4 am, etc etc

Bad: Some of us are still taking too much risks when it comes to buildings that are "Shot in the head"

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