well this is more for you volunteers. but what is the sop for having cell phones while at your department like during meetings and on calls? my department allows cell phones but they just ask that you dont answer them during calls. but im just curious because of a certain situation thats goin on with another person in my department and me.

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Check with your Chief or help to establish Department SOP's
Our Department/Ambulance Service allows Cell Phones. Each of our Ambulances are Equiped with a cell phone. Plus most of the EMT's have their own personal cells. We are not allowed to answer durning a Run but afterwards we are. We have to have our phones on vibrate or on silent...
I hate cell phones. So far useage has not been an issue thank god. Due to our mountainous terrain they are sometimes our only means of contact depending on location so I do not believe banning them totally is the way to go. However as training officer, and president of the association, I do request that they either be put on silent or turned off while at a meeting or training. If you don't like it, there's the door. I'm sorry but interupting a class of 20+ people for a text message is just downright rude in my book.
I'm with almost everyone else. They serve a purpose on occasion but silent w/o answering on scene or during training
My dept has rule all personal cell phone must on vibrate during shifts and can't answer while on calls. If answer the phone while on a call you must be supended or let go. But you may use cell calling the er to let them on the way to the Er
wow. thanks for all the replies to this topic. since i posted this we have had the problem resolved. that member was basically kicked out of the department. but not for the cell phone thing or the rumor starting. he actually cursed out the chief while on a major grass fire in front of everybody that was there on the call. long story short he sprayed the chief with a hose because he was moving to fast and the guy couldnt keep up and when the chief got out of the truck the guy pushed the chief and cursed him out for trying to tell him a better way to fight the fire. and this guy had only been on the department for a year. the chief has been in this department his whole life cause his father started this department. any how thanks for the replies again.
I love a story with a happy ending!
We can use them at meetings. But we must step outside. We use commin sence on calls...I have used them on calls to tell our location when we have no radio. YOU CAN NOT answere whill driving apps code 3 or code 1 for that matter if its a call. now if were on fuel detail or something like that then yeah you can.
in my vollie department during meetings and classes it is asked that we turn then either off or on vibrate. At my paying job I keep it on vibrate...

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