well this is more for you volunteers. but what is the sop for having cell phones while at your department like during meetings and on calls? my department allows cell phones but they just ask that you dont answer them during calls. but im just curious because of a certain situation thats goin on with another person in my department and me.

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what do you mean by having larger issues?
As you said Monty, if someone has the times to take personal photos at a job, then you can find them something to do! We have a digital cam in the pumper, that's what gets used for official photos. In the absence of the pumper, we might have someone take some shots with a phone.
I'd suggest he's referncing all of your comments about this person causing grief for you....
Cell phones are a privilege and not a right and should be treated as such.
If you are at a meeting and the person who is running the meeting wants them turned off, then they should be turned off and if it rings after you've been told to turn it off, then you shouldn't be offended when asked to leave.
They are CELL PHONES. They are not PASS devices or Life Alerts.
You will live, even if you don't take the call.
We have no SOP for cellular, and really it has not been a problem, we're all adults and are trusted to use good judgement on the job, so its really not an issue, we've found out the less beaurocracy, the better 5the morale.
oh ok. thats wut i thought. but i wasnt really sure. just wanted to make sure. thats all. and yeah that problem is slowly being delt with. just nobody wants to do anything to make somebody mad enough to leave cause were so short handed around our department.
Department needs to develop and enforce Cell phone policy. Always seems to be the real issue.
This doesn't seem to be an issue for our department. We don't have any rules concerning the use of cell phones. I have used my cell phone several times while on calls for official business when radio contact cannot be made. My phone is always on vibrate so as not to interrupt. I will even take my phone charger along during our grass fire season because i don't know how long we will be gone and its always good to have back-up communication.
Cell phones are not in our SOP's. We have an implied "rule" to keep them on vibrate and if it rings while in training or a meeting and you are going to answer it to leave the area before answering. Generally talking on the phone while driving a piece of apparatus is frowned upon and generally isn't done.

We have the states only volly Haz Mat team in R.I. We use cell phones to make calls to the people on our phone tree (not the driver) while enroute to the scene of a call. Would a ban be effective?, the answer is no.
Our department has the same SOP. Only they also put in it that your phone must be on vibrate so that if it does go off on a call no one is offended by your ringtone.
On our dept. we are not supposed to use them for personal calls until after five. I keep mine on me just in case I need to call someone and can't get to the phone in our truck.
We are allowed them but most everyone sets thiers to vibrate or turn them off during training as to not cause any distractions.

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