Here's a variation of the car under truck- what would you do, how would you extricate?

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Stabalize the truck with a heavy wrecker, using it to lift as nesasary. Remove the trunk and rear roof colums and then tunnel out the trunk and rear seat to access th pt.
option 2 lift the truck and then drag out the car and then extricate with a roof removal and what ever dash removal is required.
i agree with the very first post on this subject..dont think there is going to be much of any rescue on this one..pull it out and do what you got to keep whats left of them for the family...CLOSED CASKET ON THIS ONE !
Lift the truck,pull the car OUT. Safer,faster,easier.
Man you guys are making this to complicated talking about using wreckers and airbags. That is an idea but a very time consuming. This is what I would do . Get 2 hydraulic rams one for each side. Lift the truck stabilize it pull the car a safe distance and extricate simple as that.
How many departments have rams (and two at that) that could lift that sort of capacity?

Our Unit has one 21 tonne ram. So good in theory, but..... (Having siad that, for this call, I reckon I'd be calling in a backup rescue Unit to assist anyway)
How COMPLICATED is it to back in a Heavy tow truck,sling and lift? Bet I can do that faster than you can find ram points. Assuming you've ever done a Tow truck lift before. Rigging take a couple minutes,the LIFT? About thirty seconds.
For me this would depend on potential savable life. If there was a person or persons still alive inside, I would ensure the truck had brakes on, stabilise it and use airbags to lift it until the car could be removed from under it, then carry out full extrication.

If drastic urgent action was required to save life, I would put chocks under the truck wheels and stabilise it, hook up to the car and drag it out if necessary.

If there were no signs of life, I would do a slow and controlled extrication, dealing with things methodically and steady
Blake,just a question. How do you figure setting up a RAM is Quicker than setting up an Airbag. Both take almost the identical amount of steps. Have you ever seen a MODERN Hyd wrecker do a vertical lift? I'll be willing to bet that ANY Wreckmaster operator can have that rigged and lifted in the time it takes you to get your ram set out. Hit the freewheels,extend the boom,wrap a chain around two lift points,attach the rope hooks,lock the freewheels and pull the lift lever. MOST companies on a life rescue will send TWO guys in the Tow truck. It doesn't take much time to effect this lift. The BIGGEST time factor is getting around all the FD/Medical stuff to get near the wreck.
Actually, hydraulic rams are a poor choice for lifting in this situation. They are designed to spread things that are attached to each other - like a dashboard and a rocker panel/B-post junction on a single vehicle. They don't do a good job of lifting one vehicle off of another because they are very unstable laterally in virtually any direction.

I might use them as a last resort if I could shackle them to the truck to help support them laterally, but the physics of this problem aren't very conducive toward a vertical ram job.

Then there's the little problem of the purchase point for the rams...
Some possible tactics after complete size-up:

-Through the trunk technique-Ron Moore style to make contact and assess
-Res-Q-Jacks and chain strung behind the axle at from the back of the front wheel well
-lift truck by any acceptable means including air bags and pull car away from truck

gradual cribbing is important when raising...
I saw this pics few years ago! Two person were dead in this car.
In cases like this we try to lift front end of truck just a little, until the down pressure (from truck) is reduced, than we pull out the car with our truck winch.
The problem is if the person is alive and injured, first is the stabilisation of life (if we can access to the injured), than comes extrication.
Next problem is that modern cars and trucks have a lot of plastic parts so it is a challenge to find adequate hard spot for lifting, or pulling.
Well spoken. Pkastic and lightweight steel can complicate issues


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