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Yes but you have to beable to start it!
You guys would really be on air for that?
First of all let me just say if anyone in my department tried to go up to a car fire lacking all their gear like these guys did they would get their asses SUSPENDED! And to answer the question about opening the hood, haligan bar rarely fails, worse case pry it open with the bar and cut the pin with the cutters if need be
David, you talk about the cable opening the hood "most of the time" if you knock out the grill and "most of the time" expose said cable.

If the K-12 starts, it will cut an adequate opening into the hood EVERY time.

I'm not defending the obvious problems in the video, but "most of the time" isn't good enough if you have another technique with a higher success rate.
Smart, very smart.
John, bumper shocks are vary rare these days. They haven't been commonly manufactured for at least 15 years. There are some still around, but most cars have either rubber or styrofoam blocks between the bumper skin and the sheet metal and grille. Those burn, but they don't rupture or explode.
Training and/or maintenance issue. These guys have bigger problems than what tools they used or didn't use.
To start with, I would give everyone on this scene a week off without pay!!!! Two white hats(officers) in turnout gear and no scba, two black hats no ppe at all!!!!!!!! Running a k-12 without eye protection, also standing in the fuel without gear on?????? We use a hood tool, works on 95% of car fires, as long as the hood cable is not burned into. If you use water had a 20# BC extingusher to it!! No sop's or not following them, reason for Every One Goes Home!!!!!! Then we wonder why our brothers are dying!!!!

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