I've been flipping through utube videos all night, and i am amazed at how many times departments can be seen at a car fire and not using full structural ppe, to include scba. My question is are there really that many departments tha dont require this? Full ppe should be required to be worn at any car fire, do these people just want to die young? everyones thoughts

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funny that you say this, Illinois has been stressing the use of seatbelts in the apparatus espeically on expressways!! not saying that everyone uses them though haha
i agree i just said something about that the other day that at every call almost we should have full ppe on ever if theres no fire but a chance of it we should have airpacks on you dont have to have mask but at least have airpack on and ready in case you do need it
You should wear SCBA on car fires, if not for yourself for your family you go home to. That smoke is acrid and nasty and although we all want to be tough and not wear our PPE you should wear it inlcuding SCBA unless you are pouring water from the deck gun to put it out. Just my thoughts on the matter.
we require full ppe, scba on any fire.car or house.
Most if not all departments require full ppe. Truth is most ppl don't suit up for a vehicle fire. If you stay up wind OK I guess. A lot of operators let it slide as long as you stay up wind. Where I worked they were mostly steal and burns (no they don't even strip them any more) so there was no save involved, just stay back and lob water cuz you were just cooling it off for the tow truck.

Complacency is the bigger danger.

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