WINNIPEG, Canada — The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service is investigating the circumstances surrounding a pair of firefighters' decision to pose and take a cell phone photo in front of a Redwood Avenue blaze.

On Thursday evening, Free Press photographer Boris Minkevich took a photo of a defensive fire with two Winnipeg firefighters in the foreground. One posed for a cellphone picture shot by the other while they waited for aerial equipment to be set up.

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Yeah....Not too professional on their part.
The unions response is interesting, "The president of the union representing Winnipeg firefighters shrugged off the investigation, noting the personnel in the photo could not do anything but wait until more equipment arrived to douse the blaze.

"Is it inappropriate? Probably. But we deal with life and death every single day," said Alex Forrest, president of the United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg. "I didn't get one call about (a recent) fatality and the firefighters who risked their lives trying to save someone, but I got a dozen calls about this one."
waddaya do?
They couldn't do anything??? How about a 360 survey and report to IC what they had? Maybe exposures on the C side of the structure? It's obviously through the roof so no one would be going in, but what about stretching some hand lines and hitting it until the aerial device was set up? It looks like a single story dwelling so an 1 3/4 would reach up there to knock some of the fire down. I have no problem with having fun on a scene but let's get the job done first and play later.
I'm assuming they're a career department?
That's what I was wondering as well. I don't know.
And that my friend's is the result of letting Jr's on first out trucks and leaving experienced behind...........I know..
i know.......sry.. I had to. It was right there and i couldn't let it go.
LMAO!!!! Derek you rock bro!!!
I'm going to take a different approach here with the "is this really a big deal?" Judging by the structure it could easily be said this is a training burn, although the article states it isn't. Another point then is the structure could be abandoned, but we don't know. So along with what we don't know is what were the orders given? Sure the FF's could walk around, stretch lines and so forth, but what do we really know about the orders? Given the issue that the aerial may be getting set up, there really may not be much more to do. We don't know if there are other crews on the other side, walking around and just doing a 360 can be construed as "freelancing", so maybe the crew was told to stay in place, so they took a snap shot.

Now that I defended the picture here, I will say that this is a good example that your actions, while thought to be benign, can be taken out of context and can be interpretted wrongly. This is a good example of why not to have personal recording devices on scene or even taping stuff you may think is "nothing", because it can be misconstued easily.
well it did say a defensive fire so didnt look like they were making entry . Just protect any exposures and i would say that it was rookies and everybody knows when they were rookies they took pictures in front of a burning house so you can say non professional all u want just loks like they have bad luck but nobody on this forum can knock them for doing that because i know every single firefighter has done this at one time or another i know i have
How the public perceive us is a big deal John. The public don't know the ins and outs of a fire and what's saveable and what's not.

They see a building on fire and firefighters posing for photos out the front of it- that sort of harm to the departments reputation can be irreversible or take years of spin doctoring to change.
There are at least 2 lines on the ground. What appears to be a charged 2 1/2 behind them and an apparent 1 1/2 in front of them. It also appears that the one taking the pix wasn't even ready judging by how low his SCBA is riding.

Definitely not the smartest thing to do.

Not knowing the facts, maybe the house belonged to an Ex?

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