For all of us that get to ride with the fire department on actual emergency calls
put up the good calls ,description, trucks that responded , what u did , and what went on .
calls like fires , extrications , rescues, trauma , or even funny calls , etc
hope to see u guys take part on the group
be good and be safe out there

dont forget to put who u are and where u r from

You can be safe as long as you arent talking about addresses, names, talking bad about these people, talking about patient history and meds, etc.

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My brigade responds to the following

Grass fires
Scrub fires
Forest fires
Vehicle fires
Structual fires
Industrial fires

Weather related
Trees over road
Storm damage
Minor flooding

Road Crash Rescue (fire cover for rescue brigade)
Traffic control
Animal rescues (very rarely happen)

General emergencies
Private alarms
Land search
Medical assist (hasnt happened yet but will)
Yeah... I've heard more then one EMT say that they have had the "pleasure" of running a call with two guys and a hampster.... I'm starting to doubt that there are that many hampster being um... whats the word???... misused.
hey u never know wat ppl are doing behind close doors u never know
do i evern want to know?? im suurrreeee i do not. lol
mannn. we respond to like everything. hmm fires maybe (lol, any EMS call, any mva, USAR drills and/or rescues, fire police (manpower if requested), flooded basements...been a realll bugger lately. just anything, even hazmat, but then wed have to call nc hazmat team in
I sure don't wanna know
You can't see the license plate anyway. The only way you would actually be able to see it is if you enlargered it and if you were to do that and you got to close it would cause the picture to become very blurry.
Yesterday: 1st brush fire of the year. Drove Brush 4 to the scene followed by engine 1,and tanker 5. Arrived on scene, reported 3/4 of an acre involved, burning in and around several junk vehicles. Took command of fire ground operations. Used lines from brush 4, and indian tanks, and rakes to contain fire to 3/4 of an acre. Mopped up after initial fire was under control. Reported to county with updates. Returned after 1 hour.

Origin of fire: Rubish pile, burned by home owner.

Hydetown Vol. Fire Dept. Hydetown, Pa. ( dept. 14 ) C-3
I did the same and could not read anything on the license and I don't appreciate being told I am wrong.
VERY legible
Ok Fine its Legible... So what if Luis didn't realize that...
damnthing was only making a point to this guy. What I try to do is, read the posts that you feel have annoyed you. Then read it again and again and if it still annoys you then say something but try not to drop your self in the s**t. take care and stay safe :)

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