Hey Guys Just wondering what type of calls the explorers in your post get to run and are there any limitations and why not share some stories too!

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They respond on all calls but are limited to exterior work. Since we all respond on the apparatus if there is room the Juniors may ride on the first out unit but are always assigned to a crew and would primarily be in a support role or exterior position.
We call ours juniors ;) but all calls are good, just bring good attitude and work ethic and we don't care.

no interior attack is the only 100% limitation, but they can be prevented from doing actions on a case per case basis by senior members.
we got no limitation other than interior attack on a structure fire yes we go to hazmat and trt and any other special calls , we get to help (if trained and authorized) load trauma pts into our chopper , and get to do everything as long as its ok with the trucks officer
ive done extricaions fires , many ems , but gotta love the 20's!!!!(psych pts) one of them asked me to marry her about six months ago the guys put a fixed picture of me and her together in the bahamas on the stations wall lol
we are located in south florida and haave 15 stations and we explorers get to ride on 9 of them
broward sheriff office fire rescue
We are able to run any call. Once we are on scene it is up to the advisors or chief officers on whether we exit the trucks or not. But we are trained to be support staff (water for firefighters, refill air packs, help with rehab) on any call.
i'm a junior ff and we get to respond to everything we are trained for. unless its not safe of course. but before we do anything at structure scenes we must be given orders by a senior officer.
yup their is we are not allowed to go in to burning buildings we are guiney pigs and gofers we are allowed to go on fires and land resques just not mediccalls or car accidents witch is reasonable but its really cool i love to go on wild fires bc i am outside and i accually get to be near the fire but i got hurt on one yesterday i was holing the rake and the wind picked up i went to holler for back up and i fellin to a hole and did something to my anckle but o well if u cant handle the pain or the game then the fd is not for u
Our juniors can run on anything. But they are only allowed to assist with changing scba bottles getting tools and cleaning up after a scene. and they cant ride in trucks till 18 yrs old so they have to go to station and get gear then are suupposedto drive speed limit to the scene or will be suspended
I'm trying to translate.
You are not allowed to go in to burning buildings, medical runs or car accidents. You can go on brush fires which is good because you actually get to see some fire. Last brush fire you hurt your ankle. Correct?

I know what a Go for is but what is it you are referring to as Guinea pigs. Normally that is not a good thing to be called because it means you are expendable.
Any call we receive besides mutual aid (but there are still exceptions, like my story). No limitations. My first ever call, I responded to an F3, almost F4 tornado that hit about 5 miles away from our FD in the neighboring town. I was able to search houses looking for people, look through debris, work rehab and do a lot of fun stuff. Luckily, we didnt find anybody. We were late to the inital search (we got stuck behind a train) we did the secondary search.

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