So my girlfriend just bought me a Cairns N5A for my birthday. The only issue is that it has absolutely no eye protection. I've already ordered a set of goggles, but I'm thinking I'd like to attach some bourkes since I wear glasses and I feel like bourkes would be good for quick use (like looking up while footing a ladder)

Has anyone attached bourkes to their personal leather helmets before? I would guess it's just a matter of drilling holes and using the nuts and bolts to attach the bourkes. I'd like to avoid mailing the helmet to Cairns if possible.


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Most new New Yorkers I've seen come with Bourkes already installed.

DO NOT DRILL HOLES IN YOUR LEATHER HELMET!!! Aside from voiding the warrantee, it will compromise the integrity and ruin the helmet. Even Cairns doesn't just drill holes. They're reinforced with metal washers or grommets. Secondly, bourkes are not NFPA compliant eye protection. The only thing I use mine for is to shield heat from my mask in a fire. That's basically all they're good for. I carry a pair of safety glasses in my pocket for extrications and other jobs requiring eye protection but if youre insistent on the bourkes, it's better to exchange it for one with them put on by the factory

First off I'm gunna start by saying MARRY HER!!! LOL. Second my N5A came with them already on. It is true they are not NFPA approved however for sum its personal preference. Myself and many others I know wear ours for tradition not compliance. I wear glasses too and its even a tight fit with them but some eye protection is better then non at all. As far as installation I would call Carins and see what they suggest.

Thanks for the input guys. 

I live in NJ which is not an NFPA state. also I have goggles for things like extrications. the bourkes are just faster and easier for quick things. I've put in an e-mail to Cairns, we'll see what they have to say.

Also Cody, I plan to ask her to marry me soon. But shhhhh. It's a secret. lol.

alright. got an e-mail back directly from MSA/Cairns. They said I CAN install the bourkes myself by drilling the holes and using  part #  S10KP from a certified cairns distributor. 

Just an update in case someone has this problem again down the road.

First of all, I have to tell you that the flip down bourkes does not make your helmet NFPA or OSHA compliant unless they specifically have the compliant sticker on them.  Just ask whoever you're buying the Bourkes from and they can ellaboraste on the issue.  Also, yes it is just as easy as drilling two holes.  The bourkes will come with all of the mounting equipment needed as far as screws, washers, spacers, and nuts.  All you need is a drill, a bit, and a Sharpie.

You might be able to find a authorized dealer and have them put the bourkes on and keep the warranty.

Agree with the rest of these better keep her around!!!

First, let me start by giving you a bit of my background... I worked for an MSA distributor for over 10 years, and currently work as the protective equipment specialist in my department as a full time job for the past 4 years.

MSA sells the Bourkes as an addition to the helmet, along with the correct fasteners and instructions on drilling the holes.  Although the Bourkes I've dealt with were not NFPA compliant I believe there is at least one manufacturer that has a compliant set.  We issue goggles to all firefighters with Bourkes on the helmet.

There are NFPA-compliant Bourkes.  I have a pair on my N5A.


Morning Pride claims to be the only manufacturer of NFPA-compliant Bourkes, but other vendors will probably have some soon if they don't already make them.

I'm thinking that you could have her buy a bunch of us additional N5A's.


I'd even buy my own Bourkes and front piece.  :-)

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