In Cable car evacuation, do you use one or two rope for the job. Only one person at the time.
i usually engineer a redundant system, but i see a lot of one rope system in gear site like petzl.

Sorry for my poor English i work on it!!!

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Here in the US we tend to over engineer all of our systems. Double rope techniques are pretty much the standard. That being said, if time is of the essence, go single rope if you are comfortable rigging that. If you have time to do it, a double rope system will ensure a backup should anything go wrong. Whatever you decide to use, make sure that your crews are proficient in what they use.

Stay safe.
We don't have cable cars like you do but we do have vehicles over the side that warrant a rope rescue situation... What is common and a SOG for us is to have the first in engine connect a rope to the engine and we send a firefighter over the side with a EMS jump bag to get someone to the patient(s) as soon as possible. The line is retrieved and a second firefighter goes down with a belay line attached to a stokes litter, provided with additional gear (as needed or requested by the first on scene firefighter medic). The patient is then stabilized and either removed back up the hill or we call in a helicopter that has a winch and medivac the victim and firefighters to the hospital or awaiting ambulance depending upon location and ETA to the hospital.

Here's the equipment that we carry on each engine...

CMC USAR Task Force Kit
Item # 500601

o 6 15 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Orange
o 6 5 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Blue
o 6 20 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Red
o 6 12 ft. x 1 in. Tubular Web, Yellow
o 1 CMC Rescue Pick‐Off Strap
o 2 CMC Load Release Strap*
o 1 CMC Rescue Etrier w/Tie‐in, Red
o 2 CMC ProTech Fire‐Rescue Harness, L/XL*
o 1 150 x ½ in. CMC Rescue Lifeline, Orange*
o 1 150 x ½ in. CMC Rescue Lifeline, Red*
o 3 6 ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Green
o 3 5 ft. x 8 mm Prusik Cord, Red
o 2 CMC Rescue Edge Pad, Large
o 16 CMC ProSeries Screw‐Lock Carabiner, Brite*
o 3 CMC ProTech Oval Carabiner, Red*
o 3 CMC ProSeries 2‐1/4 in. Pulley*
o 1 CMC Rescue Aluminum 8 w/Ears, Black*
o 1 CMC Rescue Rack*
o 2 Gibbs Ascender, ½ in. Aluminum
o 1 CMC Rescue #2 Rope Bag, Orange
o 1 CMC Rescue #2 Rope Bag, Red
o 1 CMC ProSeries Stretcher Harness
o 1 CMC ProSeries Stretcher, SS, Rectangular

Tank's for your ansers...

The climber in me always said " speed is your freind"
but i know that in rope rescue safety is your freind!!!


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