After 2 bad calls this week, I am looking into a vest. I am also looking into if there are grants out ther for Fire and EMS for this. Any help and web sites would be a great help.

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What happened?
We had a crew on scene wth P.D when they we assulted as well as P.D. Then My partner and I were on scene with a male patient he became combative and stabbed my partner. He was luck and was able to stop his arm and it only cut his shirt.
I know it's not unheard of for guys to wear vests, but it's not the norm. The medics in Philly were pushing to have them issued, but I think they backed off when the commissioner insisted they all wear them at all times. (On 90+ degree days with high humidity, that wasn't gonna happen.)
Be forewarned before you spend the monry...Most bullet resistant (none are proof) vests will NOT stop a stab instrument....
I have checked that and found a number of vest that are made for both.
I think you have to wear a hard plate in the vest to make the vest stab proof. That would be in the front and back. The sides are not very good for protection.

Canton Fire Department Receives Bullet Proof Vests provided in a negotiated agreement between the City of Canton and the Canton Professional Firefighters Association Local 249. All 180 Canton firefighters received bulletproof vests this week as incidents they respond to have proven to be increasingly violent in recent years.

After one of the many Los Angeles City riots, mutual aid fire departments were all issued enough vests to provide for each dedicated engine, truck and rescue company. We live 100 miles away... this had to be homeland security funding. If I were in your shoes, I'd first off get what you can from the local law enforcement folks. I'm not familiar with a specific grant per say, but Homeland Security is a good start, considering the issues you are having could be related down the road to terrorism related events. You have to protect the rescuers, not just law enforcement, right?

Another angle are service groups, fund raisers, car washes, etc. Think about what you are asking for. Bullet proof vests for firefighters... that should wake up a couple of people because it's just plain wrong. You know that you are not the first to make use of a vest for EMS / Fire, so what kind of homework have you done to first off find out who has purchased them, how many and cost? You find this out from the various manufacturers who want to sell you stuff. Then you make contact with the department, specifically the logistics officer that handles purchasing and find out if they used grant(s). If they did, then simply find out where they got their funding and go from there... This should help but again, this may be more than obvious to you. Hopefully, someone can gain a better understanding for whatever their cause is by reading this. If it's the right thing then it will happen.

Here's a start for you brother: Canton Fire Department gets Vests...


Note: Vest usage should be determined by either the engine company captain or if dictated by law enforcement. The body armor must be worn to all shootings, stabbings, assault and domestic-violence cases and to any incident in which violence is possible. The decision when to wear a vest should not by made by an elected official, politician or anyone who is not actually putting their live(s) in jeopardy...
that's cool...cover your bases...I am glad also that the area we cover violence is seldom happening....
most do though.
Try contacting the Los Angeles City Fire Department. I believe (and dont quote me on this) that they are slowly starting to switch vests and may have older ones that they would be willing to donate.
Also, try this with local law enforcement agencies in your area
I have wonder about the use of bullet proof soft shields made with the same material as the vest. Something that could be carried with your ambulance cot and pulled out to use.
Thats what I thougtht until this past week. I wofk for a small Fire based EMS service in far West Kentucky. If you google Fulton County KY you will see just how small. So dont think it cant happen were you are.

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