Is there a place where I can find pictures of the different Building Types Such as Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, so I can add to my presentation to some new firefighters. I ma having a hard time locating good pics

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Thanks Chief
Sometimes you can find information in the building construction and codes book.....also try a FF2 book...there is a lot on building construction in there.....
You can probably take your own photos unless you live somewhere that the structures are all the same.
That is unusual for most of us.

Type I - Fire Resistive - Heavy steel-reinforced concrete structures.
Type II - Noncombustible - Tend toward the all-metal type structures
Type III - Ordinary - Unrienforced masonry walls, heavy timber floors. (Typical taxpayer-type construction)
Type IV - Heavy Timber - Big structures made from large dimensional timber. The all-wood mill construction is an example.
Type V - Lightweight wood - Pretty much any modern single-family dwelling.

There isn't a Type VI yet, but Chris Naum and I advocate for the addition. That type is Engineered Lightweight wood, including lightweight trusses, OSB I-beams, glued wood trusses, and similar non-dimensional lightweight lumber framing, floors, and roof supports.

If you drive around with a digital camera, look for structures under construction and get the photos of the structural members. Once the buildings are finished, get the "After" photos and add them to your training program.
Like Ben said, take some of your own. It is more effective when the pictures are of structures that are in your response area. I know that I had an instuctor that did this during a training presentation, and it really helped to see buildings that you are familiar with.
I have a building construction powerpoint "under construction". I used Google and Yahoo images for some photos, 98% of them I took with my own digital camera.

By taking your own photos, you "personalize" the class for your personnel.
thanks Ben I am thinking of buying a small digital camera.
Thanks I like the idea of pictures being in our response area
You can also learn a lot by reading "Building Construction for the Fire Service" by Francis (Frank) Brannigan (deceased).

Frank is one of the legends of the fire service. I listened to many of his lectures.
Frank always said "Know Your Enemy". In this case, the enemy is the structure.
Frank often said that a structure was an architect's way of fooling the roof into thinking it was sitting on the ground. Frank always had a camera, and his book features many buildings under construction.

One of the best ways to see heavy timber truss construction is to go to a freestanding Pier 1 Imports store. They usually have one exposed truss over the store entrance. The interior roof trusses mirror the exposed one...another trick Frank taught us.

I obviously got the camera idea from Frank. I carry a digital camera everywhere I go for just this reason.

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