(AP) BOSTON - A Boston firefighter and his father have been arrested after being accused of growing marijuana in a Maine house.

Paul Bradley Jr. was arrested by Massachusetts state police Tuesday at his Boston home, while his father, Paul Bradley Sr., was arrested at his Revere home. Both were scheduled for arraignment later Tuesday.

Authorities say a search Friday of the Litchfield residence turned up 22 marijuana plants, 2.5 pounds of packaged marijuana and about $15,000 in cultivating equipment.

Telephone listings for the Bradleys could not immediately be found.

In late May, another Boston firefighter resigned days after federal agents raided his Bridgton, Maine, home and seized 131 marijuana plants.

Law enforcement officials in Maine say they have seen an increase in the number of marijuana-growing operations.

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Silence is golden. TCSS
Yeah; that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing.
But, look at what you go so far;
They found the plants on their property; caught for sure.
Now, the "alleged" comes in for why they were there and what was going to be done with them.
Intent is where the charges will come.
I swear; our society with its permissive attitudes are enabling these criminals to commit crime without any REAL consequences.
Give me a logical explanation as to HOW it's dangerous. Tell me. Because it's labeled a drug? So is Tylenol, and that has killed more people.

Illegality doesn't make something morally wrong - it's all about perception. I'd think that firefighters would have more of an open mind about these kinds of things.

I honestly don't care what other people do in their free time, especially in the comfort of their own homes - as long as it doesn't harm anyone else (AKA a harmless crime).

Anyway, lets hear what makes marijuana such a demonic plant, aside from illegality.

If it is against the law, it is wrong, morally, spiritually, ethically, technically, etc. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the law, matters not. I know of no judge, congressman, or senator who ever asked my opinion on whether it is a good law or a bad law. But they are the ones who make and interpret the laws according to the wishes of the majority.

You are correct though, it is about perception. At least on my department, it is written into our by-laws, and SOPs that "all members/employees must uphold and obey local, state and federal laws". We undergo drug and alcohol testing because the "perception" is, this stuff is out there and people will do it at home or at work.

It is perception that my children and grandchildren look up to me as someone they can admire and trust.

It is the perception of the public that when I advise them that they are burning illegally, that I am attempting to educate them, and I am not violating laws myself, whether it is smoking illegal weed, starting fires, or murder.

Laws are laws and until unless and until they are changed, that's what makes it wrong, period.

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