(AP) BOSTON - A Boston firefighter and his father have been arrested after being accused of growing marijuana in a Maine house.

Paul Bradley Jr. was arrested by Massachusetts state police Tuesday at his Boston home, while his father, Paul Bradley Sr., was arrested at his Revere home. Both were scheduled for arraignment later Tuesday.

Authorities say a search Friday of the Litchfield residence turned up 22 marijuana plants, 2.5 pounds of packaged marijuana and about $15,000 in cultivating equipment.

Telephone listings for the Bradleys could not immediately be found.

In late May, another Boston firefighter resigned days after federal agents raided his Bridgton, Maine, home and seized 131 marijuana plants.

Law enforcement officials in Maine say they have seen an increase in the number of marijuana-growing operations.

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No, really I think it's in the air.
they needed a 2nd income, not getting paid enough
they got a bad case of glaucoma
Father and son, Cheech and Chong. TCSS
It's sad that they get extra media attention just because they're firefighters. Honestly, I don't care if they grow pot - it's not dangerous and it grows naturally. Now if they constructed and were running a meth lab... well, that's much different.
If you are going to do the crime, then you will do the time.
Sucks to be him!!!
Be careful what you write young man this is the internet and everyone can see it including your Chief. Don't answer this question but what do you think about opium it grows naturally too (poppies)? TCSS
I don't care if they grow pot... Now if they constructed and were running a meth lab... well, that's much different.

Never mind the fact that they BOTH are ILLEGAL?
Not too long ago, 2 Boston brothers lost their lives at a fire. Autopsies revealed alcohol in one and drugs in the other. There was a major public outcry for this information getting out.
Since then, there have been arrests of Boston FFs for possession/manufacture.
Don't you think that maybe; just maybe, the Boston FD hierarchy should put their heads together and come up with a plan to kick their zero tolerance policy into high gear?
When you think of what their department has gone through in the past couple of years, you'd think they would want to get out from under the spotlight.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I find myself thinking about Lt. Kevin Kelley. It's guys like him that should be the example for Boston FD and not some mutt who decides to break the law in a big way.
Too bad for the good ones.
It's personally a controversial issue. It's a non-incriminating statement on behalf of my personal beliefs. I'm utilizing my freedom of speech essentially. Now if I stated that I was a personal grower or something, that's totally different.

Marijuana is a controversial issue at this time, and it's pushing a lot of societies buttons right now - whether for recreational and/or medicinal use.

Opium is a drug that can cause death directly, where marijuana is the causation of zero deaths.

As for it's illegality, that's where the controversy heats up. Alcohol was illegal at one time too, but since it's legal it's not frowned upon as heavily. I bet if it were the same way with marijuana (and I am guessing it will be in the future), then it will be deemed "ok" by society.

My 2 cents. And the comparison of a meth lab to pot... it's like comparing a lion to a kitten.
Although I do believe in legalization, regulation and taxation, I don't condone being impaired by any means while on the fire ground or at any emergency situation.

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