I was curious as to what other depts. allow regarding blue (or red is some states) lights. I am at 2 depts. and the smaller one lets me use blue lights and the larger one doesn't. What is you departments policy? Do you think it is a good idea for jrs to run lights?

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In the past I've read through all the sections of the TX Transportation Code pertaining to emergency vehicles/lights and interpreted that red, blue and white lights are allowed for VFFs. The related sections are conflicting but that's what I got out of it. I run red and white lights on my POV when needed and would not recomend blue though. TCSS
My interpretation is that as long as you have red lights meeting the code anything else is gravy. I run red leds on a mount off of my headliner and if I wanted to add blue or white behind my grill, I think I would still be meeting the veh. code. I interpreted using red, white and blue as being allowed for VFDs, but not a POV used as an emergency vehicle. The code uses the wording "widely spaced laterally as practicable." Practicable can be pretty open to individual definition. I think the key in the wording is that there is no language prohibiting a color.


These discussions are a little agitating. I'm a junior firefighter and currently don't run blue lights, i haven't even bothered to ask about it, and i live 2 townships (about 8 mins from the station, on a good day.) Anyway, whats the difference if you run a blue light when your 17 or 18? There's really is none. At my department, juniors can do everything but enter the burning building, so we are considered essential personnel, and we normally have 6-8 firefighters who attend calls in the afternoon's (when we get most of our calls) so we're very short staffed and the more that respond the better, so why shouldn't we have the same privilege as the FF1's? Without us who's gonna run tools, hose, and fresh bottles to you? And, we're taking some of the work load off you in overhaul. Im not all for lighting your car up like a Christmas tree, but a simple light bar would be very helpful.

Stay Safe.
I run a blue light on the family P.O.V. , my 16 y/o son on his bicycle doesn't guess who gets to the station first? Getting old really stinks somedays.
Heck no!!!!!!!!!!! Noone under the age of 18 is permitted to drive any vehicle code 3 under any circumstance!!! but here when you become of the appropriate age, we have red or red/white lights and sirens.No blue
Well in my Dept you can run Blue. Only the three Chiefs and two fire police can run red. I wont let anyone use a blue light that i fell is untrusted with it. The car has to be in the name of the person driving it . You can put it on only on car . Most of what we do is State Law .
Not a lot of people run Blue Lights anymore some Dept have flat out Ban then.
John, not sure if anyone form Canada replied yet, but in the Province of Ontario, and I believe in othe rprovinces as well, Green lights indicate a firefighter responding to a hall, or scene in their POV.... not all dept's allow them... I happen to run a green dash light myself, sometimes it helps sometimes it dosent.... but the times it helps its much appreciated... and again, here in Canada the green light is a courtesy light as well...no special privilages under the law...
I am With Sherrill-Kenwood Fire Department in Upstate Ny and our policy in new york is you must be a member and have a card from the Firemen's Association State of New York that states verbatim I (your Name) of ( your city) is an active member of ( your Department) and i do hereby authorize him to display a blue light on a motor vehicle operated by him as provided by section 375 of the vehicle and traffic law and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles of the State of New York . This card is given to you by your chief and can also be revoked by him , so for our department juniors with motor vehicles would receive this card !
Our Dept. dosent allow lights except for 4 way flashers. Our state dose allow red lights not blue, thats only for police, coroner and detectives. You have to obay all traffic laws, and that is the reason why we dont allow lights on our Dept. to much liability and temptation to run them properly.
im in Tn ... we run red lights and siren on POVs in my department. Now that being said we have jr members per say. but our policy is that no one under 21 drives the trucks and if you are under 21 you cant drive POV with lights and sirens....insurance says so.. we have guys that are state certified firefighters and EMT-IVs and they cant run the trucks or go emergency traffic to a call. i honestly think it is a great policy. My wife and i are both FF and EMTs and we have lights and sirens.... now if we get a call and the only person to show up is someone under 21, as long as they have EVOC they can drive the truck non emergency to the scene, regardless of what the call out is for. We tend to not have issues with this, but if you are abusing the priviliges of lights and sirens in anyway they are removed from you and you are pretty much off the department .
Just my opinion........I'm both a FF and Police officer.I always felt Police only should be Blue and Fire Dept. red.Should be a nation wide standard.
Here in PA our township does not permit any blue lights.. The Chiefs are permitted red with siren but no one else is permitted to do so.
I am new to the fire service. I have been in traffic and needed to get to the station. Not sure if a light would have gotten me there faster or not. This has been discussed at our station and I was told that since its a blue courtesy light you really do not get there faster. You must obey traffic laws and are not permitted to run lights so why pay the money for the light that is really useless.
I know its frustrating when you want to help and can't get there but do not make another emergency tryng to get to the first one..its frustrating watching your Engine and stuff pass you by but you will make the next one...
Have a good Holiday everyone and be safe..


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