Does anyone know of a better designed helmet light, in a similar style to the traditional Garrity Disposable Life-Lites? That is what I have now, serving as my backup, but the button is not the easiest to reach. Does Garrity, or anyone else make an inexpensive light similar, but with a switch mounted on the "bottom". thus allowing it to be on the "top" when its sitting in my helmet.


If I am being unclear, this is the light and set-up I am referring to...





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About a year and a half ago, about 10 members of our department bought some lights from our local dealer. The lights are made by fox fury. They are led, and are some great lights! I have been in quite a few fires since we bought them and they really do make a difference. They also work great when you are just outside in the dark. Check out, and see what ya think!
Heres this 2 guys at my dept. have this they r Super bright lights.
We run Streamlight LED helmet lights with a Blackjack light mount. Top notch setup
Yeah, we are ALL talking about the VANTAGE ON THE BLACK JACK MOUNT. Nearly my whole company including myself own this lamp. Love it. Have it on my TR helmet on my Rescue company as well.

One problem though. It is NOT intrinsically safe. Why manufacture a head lamp that bright, reliable, AND expensive to NOT make it useful in all operations.

Might kill some people or worse yet, some firefighters, on a gas leak call someday. Although it is unlikely as a source for ignition, that switch on the back is not insulated.

Check out my message above though...
I have the fox fury and love it. It is very bright and easy to switch on and off.

As mentioned streamlight with black jack mount is awesome and easy to install and use.
We use the streamlight and surefire light with the blackjack mount .
Fox Fury is the only way to go....Great light!
Nothing is perfect, but these are very popular in my brigade. They are easy to direct up or down (for taking down details at night) and the LED version provides great light. They are intrinsically safe. The fitting I use is designed for certain makes of helmet, but there is also a 'one style fits all' mounting that clips onto the brim. The switch is just right for thumb operation, underneath at the front. This is a UKE4AA LED (they also come in Xenon for those who don't like LED):

I have the fox fury and it is awesome.
Streamlight: Vantage, C4 LED Helmet-Mounted Light HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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