My department has implemented the use of the bail out rope system. Alot of the members don't like the idea of it being a manditory part of the PPE. Myself and 5 other members are training on the use and to instruct other members on how to use and deploy in case they have to bail out a window. The department is saying that if members do not take the training they will be exteior firefighters. I don't think this will really happen but!! My question is does your department implement the same policy, and if so what are the members reaction.

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Fire Killer. nice nickname bro...

Do I carry a bailout kit, yes and I paid for it myself. Is it mandatory per my chief? No. They later purchased one for everybody. Question: Isn't it law in New York that bailout kits be issued? I had heard one of the surviving members of FDNY's Black Sunday tradgey was pushing for state legislature & funding.

If it is not law: And my fire chief told me to start wearing, Ben's "overhaul thong" then I guess I would have to wear it, right? Chain of Command, following orders even if you are not a fan or supporter of them. If the Chief says wear all your turnout gear, do you have guys refusing to wear a hood, or demanding to wear pull up boots instead of a hitch?

If you still say you don't agree then.... well I hate to do it but thats a volly mentality. You see, my boss (the fire chief) says piss on the next fire we'll, me and my crew are pissing... just hope the media is not around.
The overhaul thong is worn only under turnout pants, unless worn off duty for Tincture of Drywall sipping with Kali. It is not NFPA 1983-rated for bailouts.
Classic Ben.... absolutely classic response!
Plain and simple of the crap hits the fan, they will be using the bailout bags. Makes sense to train for it.
Look at this guy, the Phillies Phinally win a world series and he's Mr. Baseball
I think it should be mandatory for ff's to carry a ropebag. There are just so many things you can do with them, they make GREAT tools on the scene if you know how to use them properly. Unfortunatly, it is not mandatory at my dept. and only myself and one of my lieutenants carry a ropebag on our gear.

I look at it this way, they are fairly inexpensive, easy to use (if you know how to use them), and they make great tools for so many things other then bailing out windows, they may just save your life one day! Is there really a reason not to carry one?
If you don't have lots of tall buildings in your area, if you have enough ladders to have secondary egress without resorting to ropes, and/or if the rope bags cause more entanglement problems than the potential for life saving, then that's three potential reasons not to carry one or to make it mandatory.
One does what one can. (bows head modestly)
I'm not saying that i will not wear the harness and carry the rope, I'm actualy going to teach how to use the bail out system i think is good to have safety equipment, it"s just some of the members think it"s a waste of time and money. I siad to them you think those 2 fdny firefighters would say that if they were still alive i don"t think so. you know how it is every one has their own opinion. thanks bro and stay safe.


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