A neighboring dept just got a new Engine pumper. it is on an International Chasis. While out training they found that when you run the pump it causes the auto lock function to kick in thus locking them out of thier own truck. After conversations with International they have been told there is no fix for this that will not in turn screw up the power window function because the two are tied into each other. I and they find this really hard to beliv. Other than a hiden spare key are there any other ideas

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Easy to do unless you want to rehab in the double digit wind chill we get here in N.E> New York . Oh I forgot the triple digit humidity factor heat in the summer. It seems to me from what others have posted that Navistar/International are aware of the problem ..... and as Rhett Butler so very well put it quite frankly my dear we don't give an Expletive deleted. Then they wonder why they are all going broke and need a bailout. I would also think that the apparatus manufacturer would be aware of the problem and just install an exterior bypass/release switch. Reputation down the tubes for lack of a $3.00 part from Radio Shack.
Hmmmm, we have an '07 Pumper/Tanker on International Chassis. No problems here.
I’m not sure if Navistar can fix this problem, one of those federal laws for highway safety. Might ask the tec what wire I would cut to stop this, and then do it you’re self. I still say this is the apparatus MFG responsibility to correct; the truck is working the way it’s supposed to. I am glad you brought this up as we have a new International pumper ordered, I will check with our MFG next weekend at their open house to see how they fix this.
Trainer from what I can see this is only a problem if you go with the power locks and mirrors on the chasis as the two are tied together. Will be interested to see what your manufacturer has to say. TCSS.
We did; power locks I can take or leave, but power mirrors are a different story, to many different drivers.
Ok here is what I found out; first off we don’t have this problem in our ordered truck, were using a 1000gpm pto pump, so we will be In the cab when it locks. This is a problem, but was fixed by a joint effort between an ace repair man and our apparatus MFG. Now cutting the wire will throw a code plus disable the power mirrors, seems they use some relays and resistors and trick the computer to think it’s not moving, I’m a pretty decent wrench and this guy lost me, I guess it shows we have a top quality apparatus manufacturer.

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