A neighboring dept just got a new Engine pumper. it is on an International Chasis. While out training they found that when you run the pump it causes the auto lock function to kick in thus locking them out of thier own truck. After conversations with International they have been told there is no fix for this that will not in turn screw up the power window function because the two are tied into each other. I and they find this really hard to beliv. Other than a hiden spare key are there any other ideas

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we also just got an international. WIll have to check and see. We have yet to use it on a fire.
Disconnect the power locks for now. Who needs them anyway? TCSS
This is an easy fix, but may also be a problem; it’s tied into the transmission and either happens at a certain speed or when you drop it into drive, one wire disconnect. Might be a safety/liability thing for Navistar, have your fire apparatus MFG fix the problem.
Replacing them with good ole manual locks and crank windows will fix that problem: ) I can't believe International says there is no solution. I think they just don't want to spend the money for their engineers to come up with a solution and then have to recall and pay for the fixes.
You can install a unlock button in a hidden location on the truck. We use one of these buttons on our amb. just incase we are on scene with the engine running and the doors lock. A good location for this button is in the corner of the grill. It acts just like the button inside of the truck.
International shuld have a recall on the locking system
System is working as DESIGNED. Problem is the designers didn't figure the truck running a midship pump.Driveshaft's turning,doors lock. Should also turn the ABS light on for the same reason.At least ours does but we DON'T have power locks. T.C.
Our medics are kinda set up the same way but we have a push button under the license plate to unlock the rear and side doors, maybe they can have something like that installed. By the way our medics are also on the IH chassis.
Marvin thanks for posting this I was going to do one today untill I found out that you had done this. I have tried to find the fuse in the fuse box but that fuse runs the power windows also so I am not able to take the fuse out. International at this point is telling me that they can not change the program setting on the truck to remove the automatic locks. I am hoping that on Saturday when they come back to work on the truck we can get this fixed.

what an awesome "fireman proof" suggestion...
No Problem Brother, glad it saved you some time. B.S. like this is what people never see the white hats having to deal with.
leave the window down.

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