Australia is currently experiencing huge flooding from excessive rain.


Deaths and destruction... and inland tsunamis...


My news compared it to the U.S. Hurricane Katrina in destruction area - thankfully not equal in death toll - but the flooding continues.


My thoughts and prayers are with all our Australian brothers and sisters who are rescuing in these conditions and all those who are fleeing their homes to safety. 


I am sure there is much better news on it - maybe FFN webmaster can post some, since everyone in Australia is working their tails off.


Google areas such as - Queensland Australia

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Sending out prayers and thoughts to all involved.
It's something else.I heard on the news it was affecting an area the size of Texas and it is getting bigger.
They are all in my prayers!
To give an idea on Country size camparisons:

Here's Australia:

Australia vs USA:

Australia vs Europe:

Here's an interactive map of affected areas:

75% of the whole State of Queensland has been declared a natural disaster zone

Here's a load of other info including news, photos, etc:
Luke - how ya doing?

Glad you stopped by to bring some clarity.

Shows how much our news doesn't know - which of course does not do the real problem justice as far as explanations. Thanks for bringing us up to speed.

Hoping all our brothers and sisters in the Land Down Under get through this safely. We're pulling for you.
I got up into QLD to cairns, port douglas and the daintree. I met some great people there and hope they're all okay.
Jack - Cairns and Port Douglass are way the hell far away from where the flooding is occurring. The floods are in southern Queensland and a tiny bit of northern New South Wales. I think Cairns is about 1500 miles north of Brisbane so the parts you've been to are still intact!

Interesting tidbit - the Brisbane river is notorious for bull sharks. Apparently they are getting further up the river than usual with all of the extra water, and are adding a bit more excitement to the scene. Only in Australia.
I met a family in cairns that was from the gold coast (?). I ended up going on a trip with them into the daintree. And the drive into the daintree preserve stuck me as a lot of uphill, so I really didn't think that it was flooded. And I did *some* drinking with some folks in port douglas, some of whom were from somewhere else in QLD but it could have been cairns for all I can remember. That particular event is still a bit shrouded in mystery, what is it with you Aussies and skulling?
Jack - Your friends from the Gold Coast may be in the middle of it, that's just a few miles south of Brisbane.

Mate, don't ever try to pace an Australian drinking, on my best day I can't hold my own against them! Australian livers must be made of pure steel. I think the Vegemite hardens them up.
A Message from Australia

Hi Folks

Greetings from Australia
I live just down the road from the worst flooded areas. Just when we thought the worst was over we've just heard a cyclone is forming off the coast! Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Check out this video.

Warmest regards.

Adrian Butler
Gold Coast
Queensland, Australia
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Australia.

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