i had a band on my helmet and it dryed out and broke. does anybody have any tricks to keep this from happening again or another way to keep those things i have on my helmet on there?

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They have these new things....I think they are called "pockets" I Have some in my gear and they seem to work great....Might want to give them a try......Makes a hell of a lot more sense that putting WD-40 on them (Flame on...!!!) Stay safe and remember to keep the faith.....Paul
Dont you think saturating the band in WD-40 would make it a little more ignitable?
Actually KAli...I have been in many a buildings. One thing i have learnt is....removing the door far beats any chock, in residential homes! If you choose to use a chock, thats why we have POCKETS!! I carry two chocks, one in each pocket! nothing on my head, helmet is to heavy as it is.

Brad, If you are worried about anything melting on your head.... I am more worried about why you let yourself get in that FAR!!!

Stay safe peeps!!
Hubby told me vaseline works pretty good, but at the same time the bands are inexpensive to replace.
Should you put WD-40 on the pockets as well?

Seriously...Rubberbands of any kind will deteriorate in things such as HEAT! Especially if they are heated then cooled..heated then cooled. WD-40, petro based will deteriorate them as well. Extreme cold will do the same. They will stretch, lose elasticity, crumble, eventually break. If you're determined to have a helmet band, be resolved to replacing it often (depending on use)

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