i had a band on my helmet and it dryed out and broke. does anybody have any tricks to keep this from happening again or another way to keep those things i have on my helmet on there?

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Amen to the truck tube. Plenty of helmet bands in one of those.
Even if they are tore up from a little sled action.
wut size truck tube should i get to use?
I'll find out and let you know. Its been so long since we got the last one I cant remember.
ok. thanks.
As you only have your light and a couple of wedges in the band, why not fix the light in a bracket and put the wedges in a pocket. Problem solved then.
Awwww. . .Tony you are spoiling the fun. Remember they have all kinds of other stuff in their pockets. :)
I might be wierd but . . . a light and bracket makes my head want to tilt to one side but a light in a band, unless it is one of those crazy shaped ones you buy @ the auto parts store made to fit in your palm, shines UP not forward. Am I the only crazy one who puts the light on my sleeve with the band? Not in a fire mind you but during overhaul or @ an MVA. I keep both in a pocket.
You can buy a bunch of BIG bands @ an office supply store for not much if an innertube isn't available. A little saddle soap or shoe conditioner works on the bands but I don't know if they really last that much longer.
my pockets are actually pretty empty. all i have in my pockets is an extra nomex and a small spanner tool. and thats it.
There you go then Mike! As I said, problem solved :)
ok. thanks for the info. i will look into it.
or you can always clamp the clamp-ables, and pocket the pocket-ables.
I would agree that an inner tube will not get you entangled, but the tools and other junk might. I would have to ask everyone what exactly is on your helmet that you couldn't possibly be placed into a bellows or coat pocket? Most junk on the band is for SHOW.... yes I didn't use the word WHACKER. The tools have a reason to exist in the fire service but it doesn't look as cool in your pockets now does it?

Door chocks alone are something that gets almost every firefighter's helmet wrapped up in my wires dis-entanglement prop box... when a student comes through (blind) and has abunch of really cool stuff on his or her helmet, it is a red flag for the class to all come see some really great frustration and antics! Then and only then, does one understand the concept of our eurpoean brothers have and quantify the need for a slim, narrow or low profile helmet design.


Well Kali... I found this photo. The rubber band shown here is underneath their shield. I understand your theory of having the band on top of the shield so it will pull off when snagged but still see the point as mute, because the two items on your helmet could easily be located within your gear.

Speaking about door chocks, in my experience you will always need more than the one on your helmet. Therefore I have 3 or 4 in my gear pocket, commercial doors usually have a foyer to save heat and one is not enough for double doors.

On another note, someone on another website did a wonderful test of helmet entanglement with the traditional leather helmet front holders and found the shield holder is an incredibly bad entanglement hazard by itself. Not to mention a helmet mounted light and bracket that is now sold commercially...

Now I am not saying get rid of traditional helmets as some of the west coast guys might say, but the extras on a helmet are just that.... extra.

When I say items of SHOW I mean the trinkets or good luck charms. Hell I have seen some helmets in my day that look like a retired guys ball cap with the amount of logo strewn buttons??? Do we really need to display, 2" Kiss Me I'm Irish button pinned onto that rubber band???

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