i had a band on my helmet and it dryed out and broke. does anybody have any tricks to keep this from happening again or another way to keep those things i have on my helmet on there?

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try a peice of bicycle innertube they seem to hold up, and you can make more than one out of one innertube.
how do you get the bicycle intertube to work?
Either use the ones for toddler sized bikes, and remove the stem, or use a larger one and cut to lenght and tie square knot a little to small, it sounds funny I know but this is also alot cheaper than buying bands over and over.
WD-40 is supposed to keep rubber from drying...
keeping it on the shelf wont happen. lol.
If you put WD-40 on it it better, or you just might end up with a hot head!
yeah. thats true.
in all seriousness, If it's that important, i'd go to an auto store and ask them.

personally, i just kinda try not to keep anything too valuable in my helmet band.
well all i really keep in my band is a flashlight and two wedges. and it all comes in handy.
We just have a tube out of a large truck tire at our station, when someones breaks or loses one they just cut them off another peice.
thats wut i was thinkin about doin but im the only one in our whole department that uses a band.
Just get the tube and keep it in your locker. Usually after a couple of fires the rubber gets dry and brittle so they need changing often. On a side note dont try tape I had a rookie in my department wrap his helmet in black electrical tape, it didnt work real good.

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