went on a first responder run last night fire dept was first on scene so three of us went in to get a lady out ready for tranport --dispatch advised ems she had this but not the fire dept. and three of us already exposed to it. anyone know of any medical websites to look at???

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It appears that you are the one with the, "I'm the only person who is right attitude."
Turning to violence is not the answer... I must say though it must be a real pleasure working with you.... and you have a wonderful day : )

OMG I give up it was a joke, yea continue walking in your big head and someday it will get soooo big you flop over and look like camel with his head stuck in the sand... Pooof a dust of wasted o2 on you... moving on....
I had MRSA after stomach surgery. I was ready to go to work adter 2 weeks of recovery and that night I was sick as a dog. I went to work and lasted 90 mins. Luckily my daughter was home because she keep checking on me and made me go to the hosiptal. The Doctor said if I waited another couple of hours I would have died. Took me another 2 weeks to get over.

Whenever I go to the hospital I would always tell the nurse and doctor. After a couple of years I stopped because they keep saying it was no big deal because it was so long ago. I went to the hospital earlier this year (I seem to end up in the hospital quite a bit) and there were issues because I needed a private room because of MRSA 4 years ago.
OK Guys...enough is enough....I work with the "Super-bug" on a regular basis....its not as bad as hepatitis and/or HIV....Yes it is bad...it is a staph infection that is resistant to SOME antibiotics...NOT ALL...the current drug of choice is Bactrim DS or Ceftriaxone....BUT you donot treat without a culture confirming what organism is involved...routinely we also do nasal cultures of the patient to see if he/she is colonized or not.....If you follow your protocols and use your BSI as we were all taught then there is nothing to worry about...this is considered by CDC to be a "contact" transmission....please don't get so hung up on this that we forget about the patient....they are sick, and scared...if you treat them like typhoid Mary how do you think they will do..??Stay safe and don't forget the basics..Paramedics may save lives but EMT's save Paramedics...Paul
MRSA is basically just a nasty strep bacteria... basically its everywhere, but certain strains have mutated sort of to become really strong, so when exposed to an open sore or abscess or something it can cause contagious rashes and sores, etc.... as long as u were wearing your gloves like you should be, you'll probably be fine. I work in teh ER, see it every single day, and its not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. Can it make you sick and kill you? yes, but only if you don't pay attention to symptoms and allow it to go septic and spread throughout your body... Like the posts say below, it really depends on where the MRSA is - in her lungs BAD!, in her urine - depends on if she peed herself, in her cut - not a big deal unless you were'nt wearing protective gloves, etc.
Did they swab you to verify you still had MRSA.. If not then really don't know.. Have your DR swab you to check to see if you still have it......
Have not see the Bactrim used or the Ceftriaxone used at our hospital.. They have just started using a new drug $400-$500 a pop..Vanco still the drug of choice.. here at least.....
I had MRSA right after I got to Iraq. The docs gave me a ton of antibiotics to clear it up. It went away quick.
Here is a link that is from Susquhanna Regional EMS, Inc. a NYS Bureau of EMS regional EMS website, http://srems.com/index.php?entry=entry071101-063038. I hope this information will be of use to you and others.
How about the guy who is not the health care worker who was in the hospital last week who had MRSA. Now home taking his antibiotics now decides he is going back to work.. MCdonald's you are his first customer going to make you that burger..There goes that thought of just health care workers... Happens all the time..
Or better yet you are at the buffet and the last three people who went thru the line ohhh yea MRSA...
Very well stated and very good advice. I could have not said it better myself.

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