I'm looking for some good firehouse chicken recipes.  Anyone have one they would like to share?

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What kind of chicken do you want one that is made in less than 45 minutes or longer
Either! Easy ones...hard ones....ones that take a few minutes...ones that take all day. I'm more interested in how great they taste. lol
takes 20 mins fried at 170 degrees C
dip chickern thigh in water and herbed flour and fry
Cornell bar-b-q sauce , USE 1-CUP veg.oil, 1pt cider vinegar, 3-table spoons salt, 1-table spoon poultry seasoning,1/2 teaspoon black pepper,1-egg, beat the egg in a bowl add oil beat again, add rest of the stuff and stir , add the chicken to the marinade and set in fridge at least 2 hours or for better taste over night then cook on the grill ,add salt potatoes and mac salad for a great meal enjoy
cube ur chicken breast and cook them in fresh garlic (or the jar kind, that's what i use) and butter till they are cooked and serve them with butter egg noodles. Oh and add some pepper. It's simple and is very tasty and filling. the guys love it here!
Hey Bill, thanks for the recipe. Is that 1 pint cider vinegar?
Matt, Here is an easy one

Chicken Enchiladas...

Buy the pre-cooked cubes of chicken in the meat dept. They come grilled. Tyson makes a 6 oz and 8 oz package, use a can of green chili sauce for chicken or it comes in jars as well. get some tortillas and what ever kind of shredded cheese you like as well as a can of refried beans. If you are cooking at the firehouse you may need multiples of these items.

Use a pot to mix the green chili sauce and chicken and heat it on the stove. Get a 9x12 cake pan or baking dish.
Take tortillas one at a time and smear some refried beans right from the can onto the tortilla. Lay the tortilla in the pan and spoon a couple of helpings of the chicken/chili mix onto the tortilla, sprinkle a little cheese on the top and roll the tortilla. After the pan is full of rolled enchiladas pour what ever remains of the chicken/chili sauce over the top, place in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes. Five minutes before you remove the enchiladas, sprinkle more cheese over the top and leave until it melts, than serve. We usually have salsa and sour cream to spoon on the enchiladas, some like jalepeno peppers and others like chopped onions. Its easy and depending upon how spicy you like the green chili you can add hot sauce to the mix or cayeene pepper.
yes one pint sorry so late getting back to you
Thanks chief, I'm gonna give it a try!
thanks john, ill try it out!
I have a few great chicken recipes but my two favorites might be a bit much for firehouse chow.  They are fast and easy but if called out during preparation it --- well it's just will not be the same.  If interested I'll post them.
im interested.  I like cooking at the house too!

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