Our company does pancake breakfast once a month in the summer. A block party. Christmas parade. Flea Markets.

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Sell Christmas trees, See's candies, Hook up with the local senior center and see what events they have going on and find out if you can help them with theirs while being able to see tshirts and other items at their function.

I'm guessing this is a vol. fire dept.? Think simple. Put a pop machine infront of your dept. My dept pulls in around $50-60 bucks every time it's reloaded. Isn't a lot, but it's free money. Think recycling. This is a win win situation. Ask your areas trash companies if they might put in a paper recycling bin, or plastic or metal. We have a paper bin and plastic bin. The whole town can bring their old newspapers, cardboard boxes, w/e paper products, and all plastic and toss them into the dumpsters then the recycling company actually pays us a bit in return for the contribution to "the cause." It's another 70 dollars or so. While these aren't really fundraisers per say, they're free to the dept if you look in the right places, and it gives ya money each month which adds up. Also, you don't have to do much.. Restock the machine and call the trash company when the dumpsters are full.

As for the average fundraisers, think BBQs, fish frys, if your town does a town yard sell in the spring/summer you can grill burgers and hotdogs. Take advantage of holidays like july 4th and others. Even non important ones, make something goofy out of it.

On a side note, which I'm sure you guys already known, WATCH YOUR BUDGET! You do NOT want to spend too much on supplies and other materials or you will be lucky to only break even. I've found out that ALDI can get you quite a bit for low prices. They sell a 24 pk of hotdogs for 2.99 that aren't bad what so ever and are a HECK of a lot better than BAR-S. I personally thought they tasted like oscar mayer.

Don't know if any of this helped, but just making an attempt.

I have seen carnivals, Tractor pulls, We do bingo to help our funding, Demolition derbys, just ask around the community what they would like to see and I am certain you can get the funds up to do it. 

Just got home from a dept. fundraiser. We had a community day with several other local agencies included. We sold hamburgers, hotdogs and BBQ. The hit of the day and the most money raised was from our Chicken Bingo. We sold 250 raffle tickets for $5.00 each for a chance to win $250.00. We made a large board out of plywood and made 250 numbered squares on the board. Then we put a chicken on the board and whichever number it did it's business on was the winner. It is so simple but people think it is the funniest thing ever. I have seen them done with cows but it takes up a lot more space and makes a lot more mess. We are a small rural dept. that uses fund raisers for extras that the budget won't quite cover.


Thanks guys for all the replies! truly helped a lot. Probably will bring some of these ideas up at the next meeting

One thing that members of the community have expressed is to have lunch with a fire fighter....

We do a Beef Brisket sale. We have guys stay up all night cooking/smoking the briskets the night before. We pre-sell the briskets so we know how many to get.

If people don't want an entire brisket; we do sell individual plates too. We have a lot of success with this.

We also sell tickets for a raffle the is given away at a local rodeo and stock show. We have also had great success with this, however; we are not the only department involved in this endevour. 

I am a retired FF with Center Hill Fire Protection District in Arkansas. I have found a great fundraising program that I'd like to recommend to any one interested. Contact me at CHFPD@YAHOO.COM

   We send out a fund raising letter once a year at a cost to the dept of around $2500 for 5000 people in our coverage area. We use our letter head for the station  and explain how the last year went with the total of calls and our purchases with there donations and all information about the dept. We get roughly $15,000 to $20,000 every year and what is left over from the previous year we have enough to cover whatever might come up during the year to help the Chief if the cities budget won't cover it. We get a print shop to print it up and print the mailing envelope along with the return mailing envelope so it is just a matter of getting everyone together for the stuffing the letter and return envelope into the mailing one and get it to the post office for delivery to occupant so everyone will get it. No muss no fuss and and we have tried pretty much everything with this getting the best results. With this we get donations all year long as the people come and go in our beach front little town. In the letter we also explain in a very NO nonsense way that this is the only way we solicit for funds and not in the phone call solicitation  that can sound very intimidating to the elderly.

Pancake breakfast, fill the boot, firefighter ball, car wash, food drive, start medical staffing high school football games for a price or something like that

I have been to a fund raiser where the whole town gets involved. A reverse raffle. All the vendors in town or the area donate prizes while the fire company or rescue squad provide the main prize.

Depending on the cost of the prize will determin the price and number of tickets sold.

The day of the raffle starts off with drawing of first ticket which gets a prize from a vendor and depending on the number of prizes donated the number of tickets drawn until the next prize.

When they get down to ten tickets the people holding those tickets have to come forward and sit so that other people can bid or try to buy those people's tickets. If no one sell then their tickets are pulled and given a prize until the last ticket is bought or or given the prize.  

Another thing might be professional photos for the family or auctions where the dept will make money off sells.


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