I looked for a thread, didn't find one, if I missed it, my sincere apologies.

In the fire district that I currently live in, there's an issue that drives me up the wall. They serve Beer in the Stations, there is an open wet bar, that the Firefighters can use anytime they please. I've heard from a few FF's that I met, they do it, but have rules about going on the calls. One certain rule is, they wont be able to respond, if they are "TOO DRUNK" to drive. I have also seen them on calls, oddly enough, they were "Toasted" in my opinion, they broke down the wrong door in a neighboring building,, let me rephrase that, 5 doors were torn apart, even after I told them the fire was over here.
I was also told, the drinking will stay, it's supported by a board of "The old guys", they are all retired volly's, the upper command staff take part, so who do you talk now. 

My question is, how many other departments allow this type of behavior.  

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It's a comfort to know they've set the limit at 'too drunk to drive." I don't know about anyone else but I've seen just how successful that kind of thinking is. Since this is in the fire district in which you live I would suggest you contact whomever is in charge of your town/village/burg/'holler' and let them know. Because bottom line when one of these drunken yahoo a holes causes injury, death or property loss as a result of their being drunk, they, their department and the community that contracts with these a**holes are all going to be sued.

To your question: It would NOT be tolerated on any paid department nor would it be tolerated on any volunteer department that prides itself on their professionalism.
Bylaws at my station forbid alcohol on property even if in a cooler in the back of a vehicle much less inside the fire station as well as any Fire Department function off property (i.e. - fundraisers, Christmas parties, etc).

Jack has already just pointed out the basics, another concern to think about would be is how is this wet bar stocked? I personally would truly hate to hear that the fire department funds this, whether it be general funds or even donation monies.

I'm sure John Q. Public would love to find out his tax dollar is allowing firemen to get hammered instead of going towards public service.
Alcohol in fire stations is fine - as long as it's in the engine coolant in the apparatus and in the skin preps for the IVs.
I have to say though its sad but not to many years ago my department was the same way. We had beer sitting in a coke machine and if we got call out then the last engine out was to stop at the bar and load up. That's not he story now though. Alcohol is not tolerated at any functions or allowed at the station and if you have been drinking in no way are you allowed to respond. The older generation didn't like the change so much but you know what times change and everyone has to change with them or leave. We are taking in the responsibility of peoples lives and their property and I know I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I lost someones life because I was tanked.
Shocked but not surprised! We do not allow alcoholic beverages on the property and will turn away anyone who has had even one beer. Zero tolerance. We have enough things to worry about in this business. We must be as sharp and fit we can possibly be. Jack's right. The department will be swallowed whole by a law firm if they ever get sued. Good luck helping the old timers see the error of their ways. At least take it down the street somewhere.

I'm not implying that this crash was caused by drinking. Just want you to think about the ramifications.
no alcohol --no way it doesn't belong in the station or on a call

in fact worry about OTC medications also

ahhh! I did allow it once, 3oz cup, 1 bottle of champaign, 1 cup per person -- we toasted one of my firefighters we lost
One of your firefighters got a DUI in his own POV, Chief wouldn't let him drive a firetruck for 1 yr.
Not in my Department. No alcohol in the station, Period! If you've had a alcoholic drink you dont respond. If we have any suspicions about you at a scene you will be removed from duty.
It is forbidden in our station. We rent the building for community events, family get togethers, etc, but it is plainly posted no alcohol on the premises.

One of our neighboring stations had an event that our LT attended, and the majority of the department was either drinking or on the way to drunk. He left. Worst thing is, we rely on them for mutual aid because of their tanker.
That sort of bollocks is asking for trouble. No MFB firefighter would ever jeopardise his/her job, or the safety of others, for the sake of a coldie.
Oh come on Ben....what about the mouth wash in the bathroom dorm?...LOL Guess you never worked with anyone with bad breath!
In two of the three departments I've served in going back to 1985, two allowed beer. One had a standing 2X4 rule 2 beers and you didn't drive, 4 and you didn't go. Having been on a scene where an officer giving orders was drunk I was more than happy to have him escorted off the scene. My current department has a zero tolerance policy per say, which I support. As my Chief aptly puts it, one smells like ten to Joe Taxpayer. The problem is that with this zero tolerance those of us that are carrying the weight can't even chance having a beer with dinner.

To all the naysayers, let me give you this scenario. It's Monday night and while watching the big game you had four beers and called it a night after the 2300 news. You brother firefighter who has been watching the same big game while suffering from a sinus cold; watches the same 2300 news then has a dose of NyQuil type medicine and calls it a night. At 0030 you get banged out to the mother of all calls. Both firefighters show up which one is more impaired? It's not necessarily just the beer we need to be worried about.

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