Can some one tell me the differences between the alarm of fires

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what do you mean and what do you want toknow. That is kind of a vague question to me. SOrry
it depends on the area and districts, most small places don't have multiple alarms. I was assuming you was asking about a 2 or 3 alarm fire"
Do you mean the difference between a still, box, 1st, 2nd etc.
We don't use still, which meant a single engine response anymore.
Didn't really use the term box alarm here.
Basically, the bigger the number, the bigger the fire which means more equipment and manpower is needed.
I have no idea i thought there where different alarms for the intensity of a fire or where it is located
A Still Alarm-normally one Engine / Truck
Box Alarm - 2-3 Engines and a Truck
One Alarm - 3-4 Engines , Truck, Chief officers
Two Alarm - duplicate the one alarm and so on and so on.
This applies in cities with several companies (stations)
in rural or fire districts, it is widely varied.
Hope this helps
Really it depends on what part of the country you are in and what type of department. Rural is different from city and vice versus.
Our alarms are pretty simple.

City Fire- One Whistle- Brush, Tanker, Rescue
County Fire- Two Whistles Brush, Tanker, Ambulance, Rescue
Rescue- Three Whistles-- All Responde

Tornado or Nuclear- 3-5 Minutes Will Repeat if Needed
8:00 PM Whistle Blows and Law Enforcement will Radio In, Pagers for Emergency Personal will go off... Stateing it is now 8:00... Pagers may go off if there is something going on... Such as Meetings, Times... Meaning the time Dispatch has and Officers or EMT's enroute will Radio on their time.

Sheriffs Deputies are addressed as this...
Crowley 1- Sheriff
Crowley 2- Undersheriff
Crowley 3- K-9 Unit
Crowley 4- DUI Enforcer
Crowley 5,6,7,8,9 and 10

EMS Go By This:

701-NREMT- Paramedic
702- Paramedic
703- EMT- I

This is pretty much a run down of how our Sheriff Department, Fire Department, and Alarms work.

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