Hey, I was interested what is the policy for firefighters behavior if the area becomes hostile?

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all nastyness experienced has always been related to drivers responding to closed roads. if im directing traffic, and theres 3 road closed signs, and im waving you to turna round, why in the hell would you argue with me?! people do the dumbest things sometimes including, "BUT I LIVE HERE" when they don't.
so we just say politely and sternly, "I'm sorry sir/mam the road is closed...buckle up for safety." even if they're already buckled. it drives them crazy and gives us the satisfaction we need.
as far as other hostile situations; just be safe and keep your eyes and ears open.
We simply leave. Been there and done that before. Our safety comes first.
Yesterday; Ft. Hood.
Today; office building in Orlando.
I think it's getting beyond "hostile".
For the majority of the situations that you would run across with hostile civilians with primitive weapons (stones, bottles, etc), just turn the hose stream on them. A high pressure hose can do a lot of damage. On the other hand, guns are not to be messed with against a hoseline, leave the area. If something is burning, let it burn in order to save your lives. Stay safe, take care and שָׁלוֹם.
Our sop says we leave. we dont trade people for people.
We mount up like infantry and seek protection in our apparatus and try to make a path!

I posted this on a similar thread of this nature;

Although we do not have an SOP explicitly dealing with violence or aggression on the fire ground, what DOES permeate our SOPs is safety and that is what dictates our actions on the fire ground and we will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our members.

Take care stay safe!

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