ABC Television's "Jimmy Kimmel Show" and their 09-14-10 video asking the public to kick a "Hero" in the nuts... Really?

If any of you are wondering whether your jobs are safe, please note how the media depicts you, and for those who think Rescue Me is an acceptable show, please consider what is really lost when you allow someone to loose respect for you. This video clearly shows that to be true. What a sad day for emergency services, and just days after the 9-11 anniversary. Looks like some people did forget...

I don't know how other feel, but for me personally, I am outraged and deeply offended.

09-17-2010 Update: The following email was sent directly to the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

What were you thinking?

On the 09-14-2010 Jimmy Kimmel show, a skit entitled, "Kick a Hero In the Nuts" was shown. I am enraged that this type of satire would be allowed, especially considering it was only three days after
the 9-11 anniversary. The additional use of military people and the direction
to "kick hero's in the nuts" was incredibly insensitive toward
families and coworkers who have lost someone special in their lives. If your
goal was to denigrate law enforcement, firefighters and military personnel,
then you were successful. My only question is why? I find it hard to believe
that no one in the production company stepped up. I understand that it is a
late night talk show but handling oneself with dignity and honor and respecting
those folks out there that risk their lives needs to be remembered. I am sure
you have seen, heard or read the phrase, "We Shall Not Forget". I
can't forget and am amazed that you managed to not only forget and denigrate in
the process the memories of all the HERO's that sacrificed their lives for
people they never even knew.


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If you saw the WHOLE clip he is making fun of another TV show, Wipeout, for a ridiculous "tribute to our heros" version of their show. He was simply making fun of them for such a half assed and silly way to pay tribute. It's called comedy with sarcasm.
If you saw the WHOLE clip he is making fun of another TV show, Wipeout, for a ridiculous "tribute to our heros" version of their show. He was simply making fun of them for such a half assed and silly way to pay tribute. It's called comedy with sarcasm.
I can see what is almsot 'hatred' of the skit and the person who presented it being shown on here. I personally think it just poor humour, because of the timing, nothing else. As is the case with many such 'skit' programs.
I'm curious James, what part of the WHOLE clip was missing? I'm pretty sure I caught the entire clip considering I was watching it, was blown away, hit rewind on the Direct TV and used my little camera to record the clip.

I understand personally what comedy with sarcasm is all about but my point here James is that this in no way was funny or entertaining, regardless of the parody of the other show, Wipeout. I don't recall hearing Jimmy discuss anything. The clip just appeared, and then he moved on. Nice joke on us I guess, eh?
Does that mean if you and your wife for example spent maybe more than an hour watching the weather channel that we would be, well... whatever your last choice in television seems to be, which does not sound high on your priority list. And of course I'm not necessarily saying that I watch TV nor the weather channel for more than an hour...
You only posted half the skit. The whole first half is's the segway. It has the lead in to the part that you posted- the part that was only the last half. Anyone watching just assumes that it was the only part and gets riled up. Don't you have enough to worry about without getting bent out of shape over a stupid comedy skit? Seriously.
Your Direct TV is messed up. I'd have it checked.
That is not funny at all. its true that most people dont have respect for people in civil service until something happens to them and they need them, or something like 9/11 happens... its very sad.
Please look up the entire clip. This one is only half the original. He is actually making fun of ANOTHER show for doing a stupid tribute to public service personnel. Think about it...NO ONE wants to kick firefighters and EMS in the balls, that's just silly. People on this forum have seen just a part of the clip and are overreacting. Jimmy is not funny, I agree, but he is not that big of a douchbag.
After the skit was aired, I discontinued watching what you call the rest of the story that somehow justifies making this type of satire comedy skit. The fact that the skit was done to begin with is the issue here...

And for what it's worth, people that I know really well and who have met him said he was a douche bag...
Get him over and kick him in the nuts, let him do his tour around the country to all the fire dept`s, and then check who is a hero. I think a decent number 9 boot will work???? Or am I out of Line????
That's interesting. Very interesting. I did not think Jimmy Kimmel was capable of meta-humour that didn't involve boobies, but there you have it. Can you post the other bit, or at least a link to it?

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