The following two-question test is something I've found helpful for teaching recruits and EMT students how to do better on those multiple-choice certification tests we all love hate so much.

Question 1

The sun is:

A) A planet
B) A moon
C) A star
D) A celestial body that gives off light and heat

Question 2

When playing American football, the most important equipment item is:

A) the helmet
B) the jersey
C) the kicking shoe
D) the team bus

You guys have fun with the thought process, and post your answers.
Once we get some answers up, I'll give the correct answers and explain the rationale.

If you get them both correct, you probably already have good multiple choice test scores.

Some of your posts are pretty insightful, and one of the posters has picked up on a key point for Question 1. Keep this up - there is some good discussion here.

The answers and some teaching points have been posted, but there is still some good discussion going on, particularly about some of the context of Question 2. If you have additional comments or if you disagree with my points, feel free to keep posting.

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D and D. Double D's! Although I prefer the "answer" C

Gawd, I hope I don't get in trouble for that....... Happy Turkey Day everyone!
Ted, are you going to take the test???

I'm interested in seeing what Kali comes up with - she'll doubtless have a unique perspective.
O.K. here is my answers
1) c
2) a or d

football can not be played by yourself and once you are there you better at least have your helmet. like in fire fighting. you get hit in the pumpkin you get squashed brain.
Ted, without going into the thought process, are you sure you don't want to re-think at least one of those answers?
1) c

2)E the nut cup

The test isn't gender-specific, so that answer wouldn't make it past the validation committee.
Looks like a mouse trap test???
1) C Because wiki says so!

2) D Without the bus, they can't travel together, get to games, have drunken orgies on road trips, etc
Luke, wiki is not acceptable as a reference, due to the moving target nature of how wikis are created.

And...are you saying that the sun is not a celestial body that gives off heat and light?
I'm not giving away the answer here, just asking a question regarding your thought process.
1. E, the light that says the party is over

2. E, cheerleaders
Can't be D. The question just asks about American Football. Not the level. In Pro's that might be, but HS players don't ride a bus to home games. I've never seen a bus at a Pop Warner game either.
Ben- it's on the internet, and we all know that the internet is right! ;-) That's good enough for me...

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