A couple of my photos from recent events. I would appreciate any comments you may have. Thank You

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Nice pics.  That first one with the engine, is that a hose bed cover on top?  Never seen one like that, looks interesting.
Yes, that is the hose bed cover.  It is a two piece that folds is raised up by the personnel to relay the hose after use.  Works really nice though in the winter to keep the snow off of the hose.  Thank you for the comment.  I really like that picture.  I would rank it among my top 10 action shots that I like and have taken.  My #1 favorite action pic is not posted here right now.  It was taken at a equipment fire earlier this year and even made front page of the local paper.  The chief was on the call and asked if he could use some of the photos for a press release since I am their photographer (volunteer official). I said yes and the rest is history.  I will post it later if anyone would like to see it.
Definitely post more pics if you have them.  Thanks!

Thank you for your interest.  I will be posting more sometime later this week. (Late tonight at the earliest or sometime Saturday at the latest.)

Here is a photo from earlier this year that I took and it made front page on the local paper.  This was an equipment fire at the local Public High School. Went to a 2nd Alarm due to many factors involved.  This is my favorite action shot.  I helped growing up in a FF family since I know what to look for when I take my photos.

Uh yep can understnad why this went to two alarns for sure.  Kudos to you for the quality photos

Thank you Dylan.  I will be uploading more photos this weekend hopefully.  I have been going through my photos choosing photos to post.  I have more photos from this fire too from other angles.  I wasn't even close to the burning unit.  I was back at the road and zoomed in.  After the fire the chief asked if he could use some of my photos for the press release and I said Yes.  This was the result the next day. Front Page of the local paper.  The F.D. Open House photo above was the other photo I had published in the paper this year.  It made it middle of the page on the far right side and smaller.  The chief was mad at the paper for shrinking it as it was the best open house photo in 2 years.

I like the first one- good use of lighting

Thank you to everyone for the remarks.  I went through some of my photos and will have them up sometime this weekend.  I just have to resize them first so they will upload easier.  I have another one showing the engine but with a better view of the hose bed covers.

the two piece    hose covers are really nice. there are some good and bad with them. we  have one at out station. the wind is one bad thing and they are a little heavy. so you don't want a small person up there opening it. yes it's great to keep the snow and water off the hoses. i really enjoy working with the truck we have at our station. there is one question i have why is the truck pulled in? we are train to back in so if stuff goes south all we have to do is drop hose and go.

Great pic keep them coming!

Kirk, Thank You for the comment.  This was a structure fire / attic fire on a corner residence.  The road set up in that block is like an L so the first in unit parked like that so they could pull the pre-connect right away.  The closest hydrant was on the opposite corner from the residence so they could have still pulled a hose to connect if needed.  Luckily, the units were able to extinguish the fire without even hooking to a hydrant.  This fire scene shown above is the first of two in two months that they extinguished without even hooking to a hydrant.

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