I am just letting all of you know that on the 11th of next month is coming up soon meaning 9/11/01. I will never forget that day and my prayers goes out to those who died on that horific day. Also Firefighter angels watches over them every day and night. I again pray for our troops who are fighting over there every day.

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Well said John...
Gregory, that's all highly debatable, but that's another dispute that won't be settled here.

Our Presidents aren't elected by popular vote. They're elected by the Electoral College.
President Bush won the popular vote in 2004 as well.

That doesn't exactly build credibility for the rest of your claims on this one.

I'd also remind you to check your calendar watch and see what happens on November 3.
First thing Greg! A credible job huh? Ok. Oh yeah i forgot, now that President Obama is in office why have i heard so many people in different states say "I wish I could of changed my vote"??? Anyways off of that subject. We should always keep an open prayer for the victims, heros, families and any one affected by the acts of terrorism. I mean no disrespect to anyone on this subject. Where all brothers and sisters risking our lives to save the ones in need. I and all of us are proud to be firefighters/EMTs. So again i apologize if anyone was offended on the comments i made.
So, should we prohibit Christians from building churches in OK City? I'm not pointing my finger at all Christians, it's just getting hard to point out the terrorists.
Have i said anything in terms of churches in OKC??????????? I'm off the subject now about the mosque!!!!! I'm talking about terrorists in general!!! Read on a little further and you'll catch why i'm saying!!!!
Ok Jack. First of all i'm protected by the first admendment. Second thing is that if muslims want to worship they already have temples or churches throughout NYC. Why now at ground zero??? Why couldn't they think about it 8 or 9 years ago??? Does any of this making sence to you now???
If anyone is interested, the Hudson Valley Hellcats is helping host a motorcycle ride to Ground Zero on 9/11/10. The last 2 years we had over 2000 bikes. We are leaving the Carmel, NY Shop Rite parking lot at 12noon on 9/11. We will be parking at 1 Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan and walking 2 blocks to Ground Zero. If you are interested contact me at hvhellcats@yahoo.com or on facebook keyword:hellcats

Classic Ben tactic, how did I generalize "all christians" in my reply? I didn't say all, at all. I didn't imply a thing, it's what you inferred that is the issue and I have no control over that, you'll infer whatever suits your purpose.

And the reason for those quotes- earlier I had mentioned how there were some that would have us become a christian nation, you called it a loonie conspiracy theory, so I just supplied some links to what I was referring to.

Funny how unsubstantiated comments are generalizations but even when I include links and quotes it's still only that, a generalization.

I can see now that your whole purpose is to try and discredit me my slinging insults, innuendo and falsifications.

No worries, Chief, you're golden.

Are you now arguing that all Muslims are terrorists, Vic?
It's very difficult to see how that is anything other than you implying that is what Vic meant. It's obvious that Vic neither asked that question nor implied it. That you would 'suggest' that he may mean that is just a tactic to put him off guard and make him defend himself.

Which questions of yours did I alter to look like statements? Chief, you're doing it again. Stay on task. If you're referring to the con flag reply I took YOUR statements about the flag and reworded them to make statements about the 'mosque' issue. It was a way of making a point that where you 'sensitive' on the one hand are cluelessly insensitive on the other.

"Now please explain how a question can be a "claim". That is neither logical nor possible

to assert or maintain as a fact: She claimed that he was telling the truth.
an assertion of something as a fact: He made no claims to originality.

Chief, by taking what a person said and then asserting that they meant something other than what they said - Are you now arguing that all Muslims are terrorists, Vic? is indeed a claim on your part. You really need to stop your intentional quibbling to distraction ruses as they really get in the way of a good discussion.
"When we give up our rights to freedom of speech because we might offend Al Queada or other jihadists..."
Oh please Chief, where have you been? Was the picture of mohammned printed in your newspaper? Was it shown on TV in your area? Why not? For the reasons you mentioned in your reply, no one wanted to offend al-qeada and risk attack.

"When Al Queada gets worked up and wants to kill even more of us because some of us carry on a public conversation, that response is far, far out of balance with anything tolerance will do." I really have no clue what you mean here, can you explain?

Is there racism other than the pointless kind?

No, it didn't make any "sence" to me at all.

No one said you couldn't state your opinion. All I did was point out a few places where you could have perhaps been a bit more clear in your intent.

So YOUR freedom of speech is protected, but someone else's freedom of religion is of NOT?

So you've decided (rather magnanimously, I might add) to allow muslims to worship in NYC, just not at ground zero. Well sparky, insofar as I know, no one is worshiping at ground zero. And the Cordoba Building (with mosque) is 2 blocks way from ground zero ( as opposed to some "other" religions that have a church across the street from ground zero.)

Now that you've pointed it all out so clearly (and clearly have not bothered to read beyond this page or so), I can honestly say that, based on your argument it does indeed make 'sence'.

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