I am just letting all of you know that on the 11th of next month is coming up soon meaning 9/11/01. I will never forget that day and my prayers goes out to those who died on that horific day. Also Firefighter angels watches over them every day and night. I again pray for our troops who are fighting over there every day.

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Let us never forget.
Don't we have freedom of relifion here, and the government shall not interfere with any religion? How about no catholic churches near greound zero?
Gregory Borg, good comment and I so agree with you. They should only put up a memorial near ground zero.
Norm Tindell, I feel the same way.
Jack/dt, I'm not sure beause it depends on how people feel in NYC (New York City).
we need to pray for all firefighters and their families those alive and past as for the mosque i agree with all who are against it being anywhere around ground zero.and i to pray for our troops fighting over there.
Well Ashley, fid out and I am all for it what you said and you are right.
John Crabbe, you are so right and thumbs up on that part.
I thought the web master just cancled a mosque related subjuct discussion. How did this turn into that? How does remebering the scrafice off the FDNY get mixed up with the Muslim center issue?
Jack/dt, They should just make a memoral for firefighters, cops, all other people who died on that tragic day.
Well kevin allen, I have a cousin in the military who flies a black halk and I pray for him. I also agree with you.
Gregory Borg, I saw it here on FFN and on one of the news stations.

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