I am Tony im 20 years of age, i have grown up around the fire station my father is a Captian and has been a firefighter for over 16 years!

I've had a number of guys compliment me on my knowledge of the fire service and have gotten a number of offers from different deparments asking to come join up to try to get some younger guys involved! However I have been invloved with East Rochester for 14 years and i dont want to go else where!

I am very proud of myself and i will be the first person to tell you i do not know everything i dont clam to know everything i hate the stero type of the young guys think they know everything!

If someone has a question or has a comment please feel free to let me know or ask me im here!!

-To my brothers as well as my sisters rather an Emt a firefighter or just some fire buff, stay safe and becareful!

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I am Dan I have been a medic since well the dark ages when we used bi-carb for cardiac calls..I have been a paid as well as a volunteer firemen since the mid 80s I come from a family of firemen going back to when FDNY was volunteer thats true 1800s. I worked in NY and Miami and now live in NW Pa. and volunteer as a firemen and work as a medic.
One thing I know is that you never stop learning each day in this world we live in and 20 yrs plus doing this and I still learn from probie pukes..lol..

I hope everyone remembers why we do this and still can smile each time you say thank you for the chance to do it.
My name is Shayna and I'm the first in my family in these lines of work. Needless to say the women in my family are really worried about me, and question my sanity. I come from a long line of military families, both parents are former Marines. I was even born on Parris Island, delivered by the Base CO, not many can say that I'm told. I was majorly disappointed my senior, year after devoting my high school career to enlisting, when I was struck by lightning and told that I no longer qualified to serve my country due to possible medical backlashes I may have in the future from my brush with Momma Nature (who decided to hit me twice, I guess I pissed her off in a former life). So I decided to serve my country another way, one needy person at a time. Now I'm a Firefighter Paramedic and I can't imagine ever doing anything else! I love my job, my jeep, my snakes, my boyfriend, and my country (maybe not in that particular order).
Hi Jaqueline,
My name is Mike. You were looking for some words of wisdom? Well first let me tell you a little about myself.
I'm a career firefighter/Emt. I have been an EMT-Basic for almost 4 years now. That doesn't seem like a very long time, & it isn't when you look at other people that have been EMT-B or EMT-P for 15 or 20 years. But the years don't really matter that much. CONFIDENCE (I'm not trying to yell by the way) plays a big part in how your patients precieve your quality of care. Even if your not sure what to do, or what you should be doing. Show an air of confidence as you greet your patient and that will help them relax. Keep that air of confidence throughout your time with your patient. Trust your skills. You passed your test, remember? Also realize that you are a Basic,(I'm assuming) & you are limited to how much you can treat a patient. Some of your patients will want you to help them in ways you are not allowed to help them. You just have to explain to them that you are not allowed to administer treatment beyond your scope of care. Most patients understand this & will not give you any grief over that.
Some more words of wisdom. If you have a chance to work with an experienced tech, basic or paramedic, watch ,listen & learn. Ask questions. Pick their brains. Let them know that you want to learn more. The more you can learn the more faith you will have in yourself. Some paramedics down here in Mississippi have the basic do the initial assessment while the paramedic treats the patient. IE vitals, hooking up the monitor starting a line (IV). Some paramedics want the basic to take the vitals while they do the initial assessment. Some medics just want you to help carry the bags! ( I don't like those ones.) It's just a matter preference. The longer you do the job the more faith you'll have in yourself while with your patients.
I hope that I have helped you a little & not confused you more.
Be careful out there & stay frosty!
First in my family to go into fire service. Even though my grandfather was in the Navy and he told me that he used to fight fires on the ships out in the Atlantic. 1930's 40's. Been a firefighter for 4 1/2 years now in Gulfport, Mississippi. Gulfport is an all career dept. est.1902. Originally from VA. & looking for a Career Dept. in VA to get me back home. All my family is up there. Can't understand why I worked 13 yrs. in carpentry before I changed careers.
I'm Jason. I've been in the business since I graduated High School three years ago. I'm currently a paid firefighter/EMT in central Texas although I started out as a volunteer in the Houston, Texas area. I love my job and wouldnt do anything else.
I'm Todd from Lexington,SC I have been a firefighter for 18 years, with 4 additional years spent as a Jr FF. I've got both career and volunteer experience, and currently serve as a LT and Training officer for the volunteer component of our combination department. My non-firefighting jobs have included stints as a 911 operator/dispatcher, a telecommunications operator for the SC Highway Patrol, and hazmat response tech for a national enviromental services company, specializing in clandestine lab cleanup.

My family has a fire service background. One uncle was a charter member and former chief of the department I started off with. Another uncle was a volunteer firefighter and arson investigator. Yet another uncle served as Sec-Treas and volunteered. A cousin is a career Captain. My wife is a former volunteer, and my brother in law is a career ff/paramedic in another state. My father served on fire brigades at several companies he worked for.

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