I was just wondering how many people perfer the flip downs on their traditional style helmet rather than the big 4" or 6" shields.

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used both, depends on your mission...
Bourkes tend to melt a lot faster.. I've moved on to leather so I just deal with half melted bourkes now.. but I think the 6" shields are def. safer!
Yeah I agree on the safety part of the shields rather than bourkes. I have bourkes on my new helmet so I havent melted them yet but on my old helmet my 6" shield busted right down the middle while working a MVA. I dont know how I did it, I didnt even notice it until I got back on the engine. I like the bourkes so far though they are small and out of the way on MVAs and so forth but on fires I like the shields.
we have the new defender style of shield on are traditional is that what you mean by flip down i really like them they are out of the way when you need them to be and there when you need them and are less likely to crack or break.
i have both styles and like the look of the flip downs but they don't have the protection of the full sheild but the flips give the helmet a cleaner look so you can get in to car easyier when you need to
I use bourkes and like them just fine. As far as them melting easier, there are now high temp. models. I think they are availabe at Thefirestoreonline.com
Bourkes for me, tell I broke them, so know I've gone back to the goggles like in my pic, but I really hate a shield
Bourkes don't meet either the OSHA or NFPA specifications for Type I eye protection, and neither do face shields, regardless of length. You must have fire-rated goggles for that.

I have Bourkes on my leather,l but I don't use them. I'd take them off, but I don't want to leave open holes in the brim. I have ESS goggles - the snap-on style - for when I need them.

If I'm not around a fire (extrication, USAR, trenches, etc), I just wear safety glasses.
The Defender Visor meets the standard. The regular visor and Bourkes are considered secondary eye protection. This is why you are supposed to have goggles or safety glasses as well. In order for a helmet with Bourkes to be NFPA compliant, it must have either goggles or a Defender visor as well. And, I do not care what they say, EZ Flips are still Bourkes and there is no way they can meet the standard.
Bourkes, faceshields make the helmet heavier and don't have any better eye protection anyways
i like the shields better they have better covered area
I have bourkes. If I need additional eye protection, I'll put a pair of Safety Glasses on.

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