so there is this girl in my fire station, she's ems primary but occasionally will run a fire duty crew. she is sweet as icing to everyone but me. which i really don't care about. however what i do care about is this--- i was out for two months cause i had surgery on my ankle...well while i was gone we switched from msa to scott, i went up to the station last night to get qualified on it. my officer went over the pack with me and after about 10 minutes he had me put it on, turn my hood around, and crawl through a small obstacle course- well since it was my first time wearing it and i had gloves on, trying to take the pack off to get through the one obstacle posed as a challenge. and who do i hear laughing in the midst of everyone else encouraging me?- her (no names) but she was laughing at me and i dont know what to do about this. she is a complete b-tch because i pose "female competition" to her ( she likes to go to the fire house to flirt with the guys and i guess she thinks thats what i want) so i dont know what to do about her. her mom has gotten people kicked out for "talking" about her ( not that anyone was lying when they did call her names) but i need help, i do not know what to do about her short of punching her in the face!

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Do you think you're just getting opinions on this, or advice? Are you looking for someone to tell you what to do?

My first post went like this:

"Don't do anything; ignore her. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when training on new things for the first time. Great - that's what training is all about. Make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. If she's immature enough to laugh at others' mistakes she hasn't been sufficiently humbled yet; her turn will come.

"Focus on becoming the best you can be. Learn all you can about the business; train; ask questions; take notes; do whatever it takes to excel."

I think that these thoughts have been repeated throughout the entire thread by others. Keeping a journal is a good idea. Going to the chief is not.

This struggle is within you; what can be done about it is what's been told by others over 8 pages. You're just going to increase the chief's headache level, besides tipping your hand that this member gets under your skin. Dont expect the chief to terminate the member over such an incident.

Best case scenario: you feel better having chatted with the chief. Worst case: Your chief tells the other member about your concerns, and she proceeds to "kick it up" a few notches.

Then what?
After reading and interacting with Ms. Knott on a couple of occasions throughout the forum, you will be able to see her personality. It is NO WONDER she would have a "feline" issue with another female based on her personality type. Little Ms. Heyeveryonelookatme. (for those who can't read that it says hey everyone look at me)
Since one always has to be the center of attention, anytime someone else may not agree with her or becomes the center of attention it sets off the rage reflex.
Heres the best piece of advice you will get. GROW THE HELL UP, your a damn adult. Adults who punch others in the face get to hang out with other adults in a common place called prison.
I may be mistaken but when you ask for someones advices it is an opinion they are giving you.
some girls are just caddy n if i were u i would just try n block her out because you are not there for her you r there for u! Rise above her pettyness cause in reality she is probably just really insecure
There is some time for joking in the fire dept. but not in that situation, but don't lose your temper!!! Inform your top officer and try to sort out the problem.
keep working hard on the scotts and your other fire duties ,the guys will respect you more with your working knowledge and firematics than having her flirt .Whom would you have more faith in when the going gets hard in a fire. My bet is they would go to you. If you still have a problem sit down with an officer he should be able to help


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