We have several parks and schools in our district, and we started using the playground equipment as a training tool. The bigger the better.

We'll find a starting point and anchor about 200' of utility rope to it. Then we run the rope all throughout the equipment. Up a slide, down a slide, around objects and under them. This is only limited by your imagination and the size of the playground.

Try to find things that you can run the rope under that will require the member to don and doff their airpack. Also - alot of playgrounds have the little areas that are like some type of room or something with an opening that simulates a window. Run the rope through there.

Cover the masks of the members (use Glad "press-n-Seal" over the mask - it works the best) and send them through the playground, following the rope.

You'll be surprised that no matter how long they stand around and watch you string the rope through, they still get turned around or run into problems.

The other great thing is that when you go back another time to do it again, you run the rope through a different way and it's an entirely different drill.

I'll caution you on one thing though - We ran one that had about a 4' drop on it. It's not a long fall, and the members liked it because it really tested them, but you don't want anyone to get hurt so if you encounter something like this use a spotter or two.

Give it a try. It's easy and it works.

Have fun with it, and Stay Safe Brothers and Sisters.

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this sounds like a good drill, simple and easy to set up, yet very challanging
That's a great idea, and something new to try vs. turning over all the tables in the meeting room.
As I stated on a comment I left on your page, this is an incredible training idea! The many differing aspects of entanglement, shape/size/complexity of the playground will add to the difficulty of the trainee's. Being able to change the course around in the blink of an eye to ensure noone developes a memory is great. Combine this with a victim search and removal, and you have the means to make them think for sure. :)
Good job!
this sounds like a great training tool. easy to set up and it can be as easy or hard as you want. you can bet i'll run this one past our training officer.
This sounds like fun drill that I will also be able to use with the Explorers. Defiantly going to run this by the other officers and then hopefully start doing this drill on a regular basis.
Lt - I read your discussion!

Please be SAFE!
Cat : - )
Thanks all for looking. This is a great drill that offers so many different possibilities/variations. We ran this again the other day and I video taped it. I'm going to post it here as soon as I can so others can get an idea of how it runs.

Stay safe out there, and train like your life depends on it...
excellant, I look forward to the video. Let me know when you have it online. :)
Haha, nice! And I still love acting like a kid from time to time too
Great idea ! I'll definitely put it to use with my guys. I love playgrounds.
OK folks - here is the video. Sorry it took so long, but I couldn't find the cable to hook the vidcam to the pc.

It is myself going through, and my Sargeant following. We'd already been through once and were going again for speed to show the young guys how it's done.

Newer guys or guys going through the first time tend to get hemmed up a little more.

Anyway - Here It Is

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