What is your department's sops on tenders? Do we as firefighters put people at risk by letting personnel operate them code 3?

I am wondering what other departments standards are for tender operators. And does your department allow tenders (not first out pumper tenders) to respond code 3?

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we run ours code3 also.unless someone is already there & tells us different.we also run only lights during water ops.
the only way to try to prevent any type of incdent is to place a time limit on the the driver for hours required before they can drive it . a second idea is to put a governer on the truck to limit the speed. this might help along with knowing the roads and proper training is the only way to prevent tankker rollovers.
I heard that nfpa is going to recommend limiting the speed of tenders to 60. But it will be a recommendation.
We run ours code 3 but you must be signed off on it. I rarely run over 60mph in it. Maybe on a straight run to the north end of our county. Even than...not much past 60. Thats a lot of weight to try to stop in a rush! Stay safe -Matt
I couldn't have put that any better if I tried. Well said. -Matt
How about familiarization with the truck it self? Do you train people specificly for that size of vehicle? Does your department have a habit of putting anyone in the drivers seat because that resource is need badly? I have seen a rolled on a steep grade going up hill! The sad part it was on the front page of the area news paper the next day. With the fire departments name in big letters on the tank
Our tanker responds just like the engine until on scene. Then once the shuttle is started they run red lights but no siren. They still have to obey all traffic laws both on the primary response and while shuttling water for the fire.
I sopke with a friend over lunch today, on his dept in SC they must have a valid CDL to drive theirs. However it is an old 18 wheeler setup. Not a small tanker. But , they run code 3 to the scene while following ALL traffic laws includig speed limits. On my dept. if you are paid(I'm part time) you must hold a class "B" CDL to drive any unit in the station.
Speed governor's will not save a life if you try to go thru a 25mph curve at 45mph. I have 10years over the road tanker experience. Have pulled straight bores, and baffled tanks. (Try 2500 gallons of slurry in a 7000 gallon straight bore. The stuff weighs in at almost 14lbs per gallon) If the sign says 25mph you had better be 10mph under that at a minimum. The road signs are post for cars not trucks. The only way to get people the experience they need is to burn diesel with well qualified instructor. You have to brake well before the curve, not in or thru the curve.
If the call warrants the tanker, than the tanker is a necessity. It does respond Code 3. The way to avoid accidents is to have REPEATED AND FREQUENT drivers training and requalifying.
REQUALIFYING!!!! Thank you!!! I was amazed by how many people at my dept were upset when I tryed to add that to our bylaws and SOG's. Everyone figured they were good enough and it was not nessary. In the later part of this year we will start to do this. every 6mo to 1year for drivers! Again THANK YOU!!!!!! I agree with all of what you said.
Just as a f.y.i. make the drivers training on the tanker and aerial (if you have 1) mandatory once per quarter. The size and complexity of the apparatus warrant it. The engines, although important are generally easier to drive and can be covered bi-annually. Contact VFIS and try to get the materials to have a drivers safety class.

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