I was just wondering what the laws of your state say for POV's to have emergency lights and sirens. I live in Maine where we have very strict laws in reference to POV's and emergnecy lights, you can have two red or white lights in the grill OR 1 in the window if it is not obstructing your view. You have no special laws for responding and people do NOT have to pull over for you if they dont want. Also your not aloud sirens. I've been giving thought to moving to another state and I am hoping to see about your local rules and regulations.

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in ct. volunteers may only run blue and you can have as many as you want. and you are required to follow all the laws of the road. but we have a nice little law. if the person in front of doesn't yeild you take theplate down and make a atatement to the police and they are sent a ticket.you must appear in court to push the issue and you must be responding to a true emeragacne ( house fire or working fire). the only people to run red and or white lights with siren is the asst. chiefs i n the state. good luck
In Rhode Island with a emergency warning light class, the chief of the fire departments signature, and the signature of the chief of police, you are issued a permit to use a red warning light. (or red/white)
Using a dash light in accordance with Rhode Island general law must coincide with the use of a siren. NO SIREN, NO LIGHT. It takes common sense by all chiefs of departments, and also members to not abuse the privelage of using the light.
Having the dash light/siren is not a free pass to break the law. If you get caught in excess of 10mph over the speed limit, blowing through traffic signals, not using turn signals, or recklessly driving, you will face diciplinary actions via police or fire department. (or both)
You request the right of way only, never assume the right of way, or force it.
In MVA's involving firefighters, the lawyers will always ask a couple of key questions.

1. Was the responder going to a TRUE emergency?
2. Did the responder use DUE REGUARD for other motorists safety?

Having lights in the grill of a vehical or having wig wags I have noticed more drivers who look in their rear view mirror tend to slam on their brakes. Maintain a safe following distance so you don't end up causing an accident. (again see due reguard) If avoidable, don't use wig wags/grill lights, use a dash or roof mounted light.

Use your head. Follow your SOP's. Follow the law. Don't drink and drive. ALWAYS wear your Seat Belt. Be safe. Stay Alive!!
In SC we have to have 360 view and an audible warning device.
In MN we cant have lights in our pov's.
I live in NC, here you can only run red and white lights. you can have as many as you want and put them were you want. the chief and the asst. chief is the only ones aloud to run sirens.
In Michigan we can only use red or red/white lites, if you have lites you must have a siren..Also, must obey all traffic laws, stop at red lights or stop signs.allowed as many as your battery will handle but at least one must be visible 360 degrees. and never assume you have the right of way,,,
here in Mo you can run only blue and white lights in your personal vehichle, you may have strobes wig wags and such the more visible the better. A siren is a must can't have one without the other.
One thing to be aware of. In states which allow volunteers to run lights and sirens, and respond as an "authorized" emergency vehicle, your insurance carrier will probably have other ideas. There are many cases where a responder follows all laws and drives with due regard, and yet is involved in a collision. When the insurance company discovers that they were operating emergency lights, they not only refused to cover the damages, but canceled the policy as well. Some companies offer insurance which will cover you, but it is expensive. Many companies won't even allow coverage if there lights on your vehicle, working or not. I teach in EVOC, that while department policy and state law may give one the authority operate lights and sirens, a POV IS NOT an emergency vehicle. Extra care must be exercised. Expect people to do everything they are not supposed to do.
My insurance copany dispite what the law interpets, consider any vehichle with lights as an emergency vehichle. we are reqired to carry full coverage, and actually get a little discount for being an ems or firefighter
Arkansas same as LA. except they will get a ticket if LE wants to issue for failure to yeild to an emergency vehicle. Seen it only once in 20 years.
Per the KRS .. You are to have at least a Forward Facing Redlight that is Visible for no less than 500ft and a Siren that is Audible at no less than 500ft ..

Now .. that being said My fire Department and Rescue Squad have made it a personal Policy to have 360degrees of warning lights

Sgt Bobby J King
Madison County Div of Emergency Services
Firefighter Rescue Tech
in pa ff are allowed to run bue/white lites for normal members officers of the company are authorized to run red/white with a siren pa law states any time red light is in use an audible worningshould be as well

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