We have had a few fundraisers like bake sales and chili suppers even a car show but you can only do so many of one thing . What do the other departments do ? Hopefully this will help others along with us .

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Our traditional fundraisers have been:

Annual solicitation letter
Spring chicken BBQ
September clambake
Fall chicken BBQ
November turkey party

Last year we cut out the turkey party due to dwindling interest and profits. We also did not do the fall BBQ. Our spring BBQ (which was today in fact) was a big bust. We cooked 500+ pork chops and barely broke even. LOTS of food left over.

A new type of function that has been very well received is a scrapbooking session organized by some of the female members. Right now it's the #1 profit maker, aside from the solicitation letter.
well at our next bussiness meeting i will bring up the idea of ball game. fd vs pd. the city reall really doesnt want to use what funds are leftto buy us some new equipment. some of our equipment is out dated, like our extracation equipment. we are also needing a new ENGINE, FIREHOUSE, NEW RESCUE SQUAD, ETC. i hope the guys will vote on my idea.
Turkey Shoot
Raffles are always good ( guns, atv, whatever you can get donated)
Sponsorships- I know a search and rescue unit got a truck donated by a car dealer and got it painted and all the supplies for and put the sponsors name on it. Looks like a NASCAR SAR truck with the sponsors on it.
We came up with photos of a local politician in bed with his sister-in-law and are blackmailing him ... don't need any fundraisers. Just KIDDING !

Most of the departments around here are into the pancake breakfast and chicken bar-b-cue thing. Some of the more rural departments are doing gun raffles, snowmobile races, etc.
But the best fundraiser I've seen is run by a group of supporters for an area high school ... they sponsor a skeet shoot. Those who are into that sort of thing come from hundreds of miles to participate and this group raises thousands ($$$$$) every year.
1) community fund drive letter
2) selling christmas trees out of our parking lot, requires a lot of time from everyone runs from black friday to dec 23rd, anything left over we take to the training grounds and burn
3) we are looking at doing a car wash this year, if anyone could contact me with some info on how you do it that would be great because we dont know where to begin
Pink toilet fund raiser, you leave the toilet on someones front yard with a note that your squad will move to the front yard of their choice for a donation to the squad
We here in Kansas Ohio do a Chicken dinner in the spring, a Kansas Homecoming in the summer (we do bingo, kid games, band, beer tent, smoke house, car show, etc), and in the fall we do a reverse raffle. The reverse raffle raises the most money for the work, but the community really like the homecoming (we have been doing it for the last 40 some years), and the chicken dinner is well liked.. All centers around getting firefighters to work them though!!!
This is the one we just got to try even if we don't make much its got to be fun as hell .
Another good fundraiser that benefits the department twofold. Sell the reflective house numbers, benefits the citizens and the department, especially on a call on a poorly lit street at 2am.
AMEN!!! Do you also offer a service to actually put them up?? One particular guy put his in the front window!! They really are a great thing though...
Do you ever see fund raisers for Police Depts.? Sanitation? Water? Sewer? Then why do we have to have fundraisers for Fire Depts? Doesn't the public appreciate our service and sacrifice? What about our Town , Village and City councils? Why do we have to beg to stay in business so we can save the public's life?
In my area we do a raffle every so often right now we are raffling of a 2008 jeep wrangler, four door. Tickets are on sale for $25. We did a jeep brute before, and a chopper before that.

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