im looking at this nice black structural fire helmet by bullard its got the bourke eye sheild and googles. it is the traditional style that is customizable just give me yalls opinion on this helmet. if you want to see a pic this is the url.

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It looks very nice. but is it light weight? think about that . plus structural itegrety of the safety shields as well.
crap...get a cairns 1010 or 1044 with the defender glasses are built right in...bourkes look cool but are not NFPA certified...get the better helmet and go with the Cairns
well i already priced them and my friend has a 10-10 n i like it but its not the best ever i rather have had the salad bowls than the 10-10. the 10-10 troubles are the helmets weight its a little heavy but it balances good. but i dont like the way the bourkes are set up on em.
by the way if you have a set of NFPA certified googles it complies with the standard. the only reason bourkes arent certified for full face protection is because things can get under them. then how is anything really certified. i mean think bout it. scba masks stuff can still get under them. if the turnout gear is worn with holes it can burn you and still can burn you buy getting under the coat itself.
I've had my Bullard traditional for 10 years now and love it! And have never had a problem with it. Bullard's are made heavier for a reason. Lightest isn't always the best, or most protective of your noggin. Check out my pics for my helmet.
my honest opinion is, don't go cairn's i got friends that got them, and they wish that they would have got the bullard. and btw bout the Bourkes not being NFPA certified. Think again. There NFPA certified again, but the only thing is u gotta buy a pay that have the lil NFPA marking on them, but there the same things. and if you have the goggles it doesn't matter anyhow. trust me man the Bullard is deff worth the price.. Ive had mine for 5 years now and i wouldn't trade it in, it has held up to everything ive put it threw, including window, drywall walls, and it still hasn't cracked. just my advice.
sounds like some might not agree with me but i think those helmets are crap. we bought a bunch and they were worthless. we ended up sending them all back. maybe we just got a bad bunch, but no one here will wear them again. i've had me 1010 6 years and its the shit. i distroy things, i dont think i own anything more than a year or two without breaking it. but my helmet is the exception. i've put that thing through hell and its still good to me.
Not sure where your intel came from but Bourkes are not compliant with NFPA 1971.

heres a disclaimer about bourkes as printed from the helmet manufacturer.

Bourkes are for cosmetic purposes only and provide
NO eye or face protection. Using Bourkes voids the
helmet’s NFPA certification. If eye protection is
desired, use approved goggles. If face protection is
desired, use an approved faceshield. A faceshield provides
LIMITED protection to the facial area it covers.
Failure to use adequate eye and face protection can
result in serious personal injury or death.

If you are looking for a light weight helmet with a great look, try looking at the Morning Pride helmets. It is potentially the lightest helmet I have had.
It's a good looking helmet. I personaly would go for a Cairns 664FS INVADER.
I have a helmet from bullard that is very similiar and i have just ordered me a cairns. That helmet is very heavy and awkward to wear. The cairnes helmets are lighter and cheaper to buy in the places i have checked. My hemet is going to cost me around 200 and looks just like yours. This may be something you will want to check out.
i have a conway red with ess goggles love it
With your concerns about scba the only way it can get under it is if you didnt wipe it away before you put on the mask. The mask seals to your face so stuff doesnt get into you eyes or lungs. And on to the gear issue if you have a hole in your coat you should have gotten a replacement one. That is the responsiblity of every firefighter to check their gear for good condition. Or if you didnt close it up all the way that is your own fault not the fault of the manufacture.

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