In today's society there are to many firefighters that are dying from heart attacks. The reasons could be that there is to much stress involved in the work for a specific person, or maybe they just aren't physically fit. Maybe if firefighters spent around an hour a day doing some cardio excersie there would be fewer of our brothers dying from heart attacks. What are some excersies that would be good for firefighters to do?

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I like doing strength exercises for my legs and arms. Huge cardio. I like the elliptical trainer at 80% max heart rate for 45 minutes.
Having a balanced program of cardio and physical endurance exercises should be part of your workout program. The cardio is self explanitory and is crutial. Having muscular strength is great but with no endurance it becomes non practical. Use lower weights and higher repetitions. If you can't do 3 reps of 10-15 at your current weight you have too much weight on the bar.
Well, it's either post here or take a Lunesta. Frigging insomnia. I can't do a 15 hour day tomorrow with a Lunesta hangover.

I echo EngineCo's sentiments. I do something six days out of the week--for at least 30 minutes. I take one day off and don't do anything at all...enforced muscle rest if you will.

On gym days I either bike or run 30 minutes, followed by weight training (although the current theory--which changes every two years or so---says you should finish with cardio, but I like to get it out of the way)--on weight training days---I work opposite groups: back and bi's, chest and tri's...shoulders and legs. Work your large muscles first (pecs, quads, lats etc.)then work on the smaller ones (calf, bi's, tri's).

I've found that since I've started doing "drills" as they pertain to my running (i.e. running just hills, running sprints and running backward on the treadmill), my endurance and wind has increased tremendously. I can bang out a four mile run without thinking about it--six miles is less fun...anything over that requires gutting it out.

As Mike said...the key is balance....balance your cardio with your need both...and the big thing for men is to work your legs with weights instead of just the upper torso....unless of course you LIKE looking like Foghorn Leghorn.
Any type of exercise will better than none. Obviously with cardiac issues being a large cause of death, getting cardio fit is important. Strength training is also important as the rigors of this job require personnel who can get it done. But don't forget some sort of balance type training. Being able to quickly counteract forces (overpressurized hose) or spring to the side (falling debris, hole in the floor) are key to staying out of trouble. We do a lot of our exercises while standing on a foam noodle, or half round inflated ball, to increased our balance and strengthen muscles that don't get targeted as much. This job is more about total body fitness than it is pure brute strength.
Exercise is an essential in this job! You have got to keep up on it if you have plans to do this for a long time. Next to exercise, the most important topic is diet. PUT DOWN THE MCDONALDS and pick up a salad. I know it is hard sometimes to sit down together for a meal while at the fire house, but there is no reason with all the quick healthy meals that are available for anyone of us to head to the drive through for a McHeart Attack.
Some people struggle getting the correct amount of exercise, mostly because of their diets that they have chosen. Healthy eating leads to a healthy mindset making exercise easier to get going with.
Functional fitness and base level cardio with some intervals and sprints worked in there. Check out something like crossfit or and see what I mean by functional. The body needs to train as the body will work. As for cardio, a few days of nice even paced steady state cardio with a day of intervals or sprints with a nice short recovery run afterwards. You don't need to overdo it to be fit (and you shouldn't), but you should be able to hike 10-12 floors and still be able to work, as well as being able to work for a long time on scene. Don't sell yourself short, work hard and for the love of God, if you smoke, give it up. Here in Ontario, if you're a smoker, our great Presumptive Legislation will be awarded on a per case basis (for cancer and heart disease). Do yourselves a favour, train, eat right and live well!
Hey Spanner....nice go march yourself over to the FOGIES forum and sing on.....

We're sick puppies but we're funny.
Stretch and flex- stretch across the bar for your beer then flex your elbow until your beer hits your lips. 3 sets of ten should do just fine!!

Just kidding!!

I try to do a little of everything, cardio every day even if its just on a bike for 20 or 30 minutes and weights every other day switching groups around. I don't think you need to be a hard core gym junkie but we do need to do something to stay in shape for the job, your life and your partners depend on it.
"Exercise" good judgment when selecting foods to consume.
"Exercise" the brain with pre-plans and SOGs.
"Exercise" the heart with a good cardio program on a bike, elliptical, or a fast paced walk around town.
I do a stationary bike for 45 minutes and then lift free weights.
Yeah; it sucks but it's better than the alternative.
Commit to it and then DO IT!
I saw a great video of fire department functional fitness training not too long ago. It seemed to be a great muscular and cardio work out at the same time. Four large spare tires, firefighters in full bunkers with scba's, four stations set up with the tires using fire department tools(i.e. rope, sledge, flathead), and these tires had to be moved around using the tool at the designated station for aprox 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, with 30 to 45 second breaks in between each station. I think I found it on youtube and it was done by the Phoenix, AZ FD. Ah ha, found it!!!!

I do a "circuit" type of workout most of the time. I include all areas, and try to focus on the midsection to make the most of my core strength. It seems like that is very important for nearly everything we do. I could provide the whole set if anyone is interested.
I also do cardio on a stationary bike or elliptical, and play basketball at least once a week because its a heck of a lot more fun than regular cardio.
I think anyone who has not finally figured out how important our fitness is and does something about it must be living under a rock, or just can't motivate themselves to do it.
I have daily runs for around 3-4 miles and then to weight training-either at the station or at Gold's gym and I also have "core" training. Plus I not only watching WHAT I eat , but also HOW MUCH I eat.. Has anyone ever really noticed how our plates are getting bigger along with our bellies??? Everything now a days is "Super Size" including people who eat the stuff... MMMmm?? Your intake of protein should be the highest(doesn't mean a LARGE steak), then your veggies(potatoes are NOT a veggie) and then try and stay away from salt/sweets/starches.
Bottom line----
Eat less- move more!!!!

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