my department is trying to decide on which air packs to buy. we got a good size grant that will cover the cost to equip all our trucks with new scba's but we are trying to decide which ones to get. we have a choice between msa's, isi's, and the new scotts. we have scotts now and plenty of bottles. im thinking of getting scotts so we can save money on bottles by using old ones and using left over money to use on pub eds in our community.
what do you use and what do you like about them?

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Lt Lake thanks for the kind words also....

My dept. uses the Msa. I really do not like the style regulator that we have along with the mask. It is a kind that the regulator slides on a track on the front of the mask and hangs free until needed. This is a good feature but the problem comes when trying to free the regulator from the mask. It seems to stick all the time. While we notice it in mostly cold times of year. It still does occur during warmer weather. I can't remember the model, so if anyone knows feel free to step in. Also if anyone has a trick that may fix this problem please by all means let me know. Other than that everyone on our dept. loves the MSA. Also not sure what type bottles you have but composite is the way to go. Oh and we have problems with the batterie life in the voicemitters and hud system in the mask's as well. but as I see from other posts that seems to be a common issue.
I'm surprised that anyone actually likes Draegers. We've been using them for over five years now and they are a PITA. Constant failures of the face piece, sentinels going bad, exhalation valves sticking all the time, and now with the upgraded mic system, we've been having a lot of portable radios keyed open if the mic get even a bit wet. Our Chief had us remove all of the radio stuff and just leave our voice amps on. They also just installed the new HUD (Heads Up Display) and the battery in mine goes dead in about a week, several of the other guys I know have the same problem.

My advice, stay away from Draeger.
Just wondering about the upgrades made to the electronics in the harness, did Scott cover the cost of upgrades, also has anyone tried lithium batteries, need some opinions. Thx
We use the Firehawk® M7 SCBA system,, great, light and fast to don...... i love every part of this system.....
My Department is looking at also upgrading air packs, we use SCOTT, our neighbors use ISI or MSA. The research that I have done and conversations I have had with people is Draeger then MSA. As a department we have had SCOTT forever but service has been an issue the past few years and we are only 65 miles away from a Draeger service center so would like to go that route. On the flip side some of our neighbors use MSA and have really good luck with them, that and they are a little more friendly on the pocket book, but since this is for a grant I would go with the best and Draeger. Phoenix Fire Dept. did a huge study on air packs from five different companies and Draeger was picked number 1.
As long as your happy with your Scott stay with them the new A/P 75 And the NXG7 are great Air-Paks we had three MSA users in the area that got grant money and jumped over to Scott and they have nothing but good things to say and yes it's good that you can use your old cylinders on new Scott Air-Paks if you went to Nxg7 all you would have to do is replaced the cylinder valve and as far as batteries per Scott you must use duracell energizer warranty on A/P75 3 yrs electronics 10 yrs bumper to bumper 15 yrs pressure reducer and same gos for the NXG7 Paks
We use Scott at our station, they work very well for "little time" opperations, if your investing for the "bigger bottle" i would go with the MSA. Scott will always be my personal choice.
We have only Scott SCBA's. The main reason is because, as you said, we have lots of bottles. The other is because that's what all our neighboring departments have. We're interchangeable and can interconnect through the "buddy system." Good quality equipment, too.

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