ok what colors of helmets does your dept use and what do they mean?????? My dept uses White,Red,Black,Yellow,Blue,and Orange. White= Chief Red= Captain Black= Lt Yellow= firefighter Blue= Safty Orange= Rookie

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White=Chief, Deputy Chief, Asst. Chief
Orange=Safety Officer
In my department we use White, Red, Orange, Black and Natural Leather

White: Chief and Assistant Chief
Red: Lieutenants and Capitain
Orange: Safety Officer
Black or Natural: Firefighters

My department issues you a black helmet if thats what you want or you can buy your own helmet and use that there are about four in my department the have natural leather New Yorkers..
In our Department, Chief and Deputy are white, Captain is black, Lieutenant is red, and Fire Fighters are yellow...
White-Chief and Asst. Chief, Red-Lt., Black-Enginer, Yellow-Firefighter
We just made some changes. Everyone gets a black Cairns 1010. The difference is the shield.
Chief/Asst Chief: White with black numbers
Capt./Lt: Red with white numbers
Firefighter: Black with white numbers
Rookie: Green with white numbers
Here in Allen County Indiana we use White=Cheif, Asst. Cheif, Cheif Engineer, Asst. Chief Engineer. Red=Captins and Lts. Black=Firefighter Black with Orange Stripes=Probies Yellow=Saftey Blue=EMS
in my dept we use
white= chiefs
black= officers/firefighters
captain/lieutanants ware white shelds
yellow=jr firefighters
In our dept, it's white for the Chief, blue for the asst chief and red for everyone else
CBFD Carolina beach nc
White- Chief, asst Chief, Dep. Chief, captains
Red- lieutenants
black classic- certified in: Firefighter 1&2, Hazmat, medical responder minimum
Black non classic- firefighter 1&2
Yellow- firefighter 1, exterior only
orange- rookie

our departmant does this so you take pride in what you have. in about a year you can get your classic black, and we take pride in owning it because we had to earn it.
Green means you're Irish! Or at least Irish for a Day on March 17th!

White=Chief, 1st Chief, 2nd Chief
Red=Captain, 1st Captain, 2nd, Captain
Yellow=Lt., 1st Lt., 2nd Lt.
Black Turtle shell=Junior.
White=chief and asst. chief
no helmet=probie

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